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This may or may not be exactly in the spirit of the thread, but I'm playing guitar in a one-off cover band this Sunday for my neighborhood block party. We've only practiced twice and we already have some great stuff worked out. Fortunate Son, Blitzkrieg Bop, Jumpin Jack Flash, Satisfaction, Time is Tight, I Want Candy, Can't Explain. I've played drums in bands since the early 90s, but never played guitar in a band before and it's SO, SO fun. It's amazing how fast you can improve on an instrument when you play with others.

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I'm a sucker for songs I don't generally care for and then when I hear a cover of it I think of the line in High Hidelity where they are in disbelief that it's good...


Travis - Hit Me Baby One More Time


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i gotst to go with:


Otis Redding: Satisfaction

Spooky Tooth: I Am the Walrus

Sonic Youth: Superstar

Shelby Lynne: Anyone Who Had a Heart



but there's gotst to be hundreds more!

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