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St. Augustine Post show meet up

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I was thinking about starting a thread for a pre-show meet up. Post-show sounds more fun, everyone will be so amped up from the show. But I have to work the next morning at 9... So if some folks want to grab a beer someplace close by the venue before the show, I can scout a spot and set that up. There's a bar a couple miles from the Amphitheatre called Panama Hattie's, that's easy to find and has a big outdoor deck with umbrellas, etc. Or, if more people would rather do something afterwards, y'all can make plans for that.


To say I'm excited doesn't even come close... :stunned

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Panama Hattie's sounds good. Time?

Actually, since it will be around dinner time and the food is better just down the road at Sunset Grille, let's meet there. It also has a nice upper deck, umbrellas, etc. Doors open at the venue at 6 pm, with the opener at 7. I'm thinking meet at 5:30 or so since no one has to rush the stage to be up front. Sound good?


The address is 421 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach

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We won't make it to the meet up as we won't get to Anastasia State Park until 6-6:30 and we need to set up the tent and eat before we bike to the venue but have one for me and Mrs. C. It is a beautiful venue and the rain is supposed to be over by showtime. Excited anyway but even more so due to our lucky break with front row seats! We are on the aisle at the Pat end.

A Wilco show followed by spending the morning on the beach.


Enjoy, all.

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