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Who's Going To What/Which/When 2012 Gigs? Roll Call

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It's going to be tough for them to match their performance from the Uptown Theater in KC last December, but I'll wait and see how they do. I don't know anything about Purling Hiss, but I'm betting I will like Nick Lowe better.


Orchestra seating for me!

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yeah, 3rd row orchestra right for us. As far as matching performances, my show to beat (of the 7 or 8 shows I've seen) is the 2008 Cain's Ballroom show. Unless I make it to a Chicago show, or if they do another "evening with" tour, I don't think I will ever see that show outdone. I think it was 29 songs and the show clocked in at 2.5 hours. The fact that they were shooting that for the Ashes doc, and coming off of the 5 night residency probably helped with the longer-than-usual show.


As for Purling Hiss, I checked out a couple of songs on Spotify and was less than impressed. That being said, there are many artists I fall in love with live that I don't quite get from their studio efforts. Driving in from Tulsa and getting some dinner probably means missing most of the opener......

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Just bought tickets for Davenport on July 3rd. Driving from Maine to CT to join up with two old friends on July 2nd. Then it's an overnight drive (17 hours) from Hartford to Davenport. Should roll into Davenport around 5 PM if all goes well. Then it will be off to WI or MN on July 4th for camping for a few days before heading back to New England.



That makes Davenport, Cooperstown, and Burlington this summer. A trifecta.

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I have to say that Purling Hiss shredded the second to last song they played in Fayetteville. I'm a sucker for a long freakout guitar jam.


It's also a good thing we stood the whole concert when Wilco started playing, otherwise the orchestra seating arrangement wouldn't have been comfortable for my 6'6" frame. Especially my legs.

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