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This band is pretty damn good. A complete surprise to me. I caught their set at Coachella having not heard a note and was blown away. Did my due diligence and dug into their back catalogue and couldn't believe how long they'd been around for (4-5 albums) and that they've had such a consistent output. It's a mystery to me why they haven't blown up. Their choruses just won't quit...melodic/catchy. 

Their new album "Evil Friends" is coming out on Tuesday. Produced by Danger Mouse, of course.

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Saw them open for MMJ at The Wiltern back in September and that was my first experience with them.  They can definitely jam, but when I saw them everything just sounded really loud and distorted - not much dynamic happening during that set, just a lot of loud loud loud!


They morphed on of their last songs of their set into Hey Jude.  That's definitely a way to get people into your set.

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