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New Bill Fay Album (with Wilco cover)

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That is pretty cool. I guess he's returning the favor.

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i love this record.


i found the jesus etc.. cover haunting.


enjoyed the please tell my brother(s)? cover as well.


not sure why some people insist on being wilco purists. i find that the band's evolution is beautiful. In some way i find that bill fay's cover brings that evolution full circle for me (as paradoxical as that statement may seem).



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Interview with Bill here




Bill Fay: Joshua Henry, the producer, grew up listening to my music on his dad’s vinyl copies. Then, because his dad’s two favorite songs were “I Hear You Calling,” one of mine, and “Please Tell My Brother,” by Jeff Tweedy, Joshua said it would mean a lot to him if I would – he’d like me to record “Please Tell My Brothers”, and I said, “yeah, I’ll try and work it out,” not necessarily for the album, but maybe as a bonus track or something. And then a bit after that he said it would be nice if you could try “Jesus, etc.” as well, so a little separate session was booked a few months after the main session and I kind of learned the two songs and put them down in the same studio with Guy Massey. I think at some point, hopefully, “Please Tell My Brothers” will come out. I know Jeff’s pleased with it, and I’m pleased with it, so at some point it will surface, in one way or another. The company, I suppose, will decide on that. But “Jesus, Etc.” is on the album. They felt it was too good to not be on the album. You know, Joshua, in general, sort of, we had the kind of songs worked out for what would go on the album, but in the end it was like “Jesus, Etc.” couldn’t be left off, that’s what everybody felt. So that’s on there, and I know Jeff is pleased with that as well.

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