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Wilco- Optimus Primavera Sound-Porto, Portugal 8th June 2012

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First year of this festival and a scorcher of a day. Wilco got about 1hr 30mins, maybe a little more.


Jeff said some nice things about Porto, not tons of chat though. All seemed in good spirits, Jeffs really rockin the fuzzy Neil Young look with the long hair and hat. Things like Spiders arrangement were so great! Once again just always impressed with how tight the band are. Bit if a chatty crowd but seems to e a trademark of the festival. We foud the same down the front for Rufus Wainwright, Yo La Tengo and The Walkmen. Why push down the front to chat?


Jesus etc seemed to get added on at the end, Nels had to be told about it, Jeff said they weren't playing it lately because they've played it everywhere, loved it! I do think if they're to drop any song they always play then drop HMD or ITMWLY- think I've heard them at every Wilco show ever.


2nd time hearing it at a show but I Might sounds so great live.


Festival needs a lot of work itself, noise bleed between stages in pretty bad, toilets also bad and if you're vegetarian I hope you like cheese pizza or cold pasta.


Rough setlist from memory


Art of Almost

I Might


War on War

Impossible Germany

Side with the Seeds

Radio Cure

While Love

Spiders (acoustic)

Born Alone

Laminated Cat

Via Chicago

Dawned On Me

I'm Always in Love

Heavy Metal Drummer


Shot in the Arm

Jesus etc -"we haven't been playing this lately because we've played it everywhere, except here"

Late Greats



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