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Live version of More like the Moon?

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It has been played live. I am partial to the 05-16-03 solo show


You can check here: http://wilcobase.com...time_played.php for dates

and here: http://www.owlandbea.../wilco-archive/ for available shows.


Jeff Tweedy

May 16, 2003

Martyr's, Chicago IL


Source: Earthworks SR 77's > Graham-Patten DMIC-20 (44.1 kHz) >

Sony TCD-D10proII


Transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII > Delta DiO 2496 > HD > Sound Forge 6.0 (noise

reduction plugin to remove noisy ventilation system noise) > CD Wave (tracking)

> Sound Forge 6.0 (fades and 2 sec. silence added to d1t01 and d2t13) >

mkw ACT (.shn)


Disc 1

01 My Words

02 At Least That's What You Said

03 (?) - new song

04 Muzzle Of Bees

05 Be Not So Fearful

06 -Stage Banter-

07 Remember The Mountain Bed

08 Bob Dylan's 49th Beard

09 I'm The Man Who Loves You

10 Airline To Heaven

11 You're Really Gone (?) -Anodyne-era song fragment

12 Millionaire

13 Heavy Metal Drummer


Disc 2

01 Dear Employer

02 Misunderstood (w/ Frere Jacques intro)

03 Poor Places

04 More Like The Moon

05 Theologians

06 A Shot in the Arm

07 -Encore Break-

08 Company in My Back

09 Hummingbird

10 "Being There"-era song

11 War on War

12 Kickin' Television

13 I'm A Wheel


Notes: If you know the names of the new songs please contact the Timeline Chick -


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I request it for every single show I attend, but I know it's never gonna happen :cryin


Listen Pillowy, you're not alone. I'm with you.


I've requested that song many times. I know it is not concert friendly and will never get played because it is super quiet and sleepy. I guess I've request it repeatedly because I want the song to get "votes" in that huge Wilco surverymonkey database of songs that fans love.


If the song were a person it would be the quiet shy girl who is beautiful on the inside, but never gets asked to the dance. Only released on a free EP for crying out loud -- never got the recognition it deserved.


I've just downloaded the 2003 solo show Anthonyc007 suggested. Really wonderful, in lieu of actually hearing it live.

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There's a pretty good full band version of the song in the 5-1-2003 Asheville, NC set: http://wilcoarchive....ilco 20030501/. The other times it was played in the 2003 tour don't have the greatest sound and in particular the quiet songs like More Like The Moon suffer on the tapes.


Not sure about the two times it was picked up in 2010, haven't heard those sets yet but one of them is on the Owl's archives.



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Well, I stand corrected!


I guess it has been played live a lot more than I thought. :-)


Thanks for the tips on the different live versions -- it will be an aural feast. I'm going to put them end-on-end in a playlist. The structure of this song lends itself to a periodic binge.

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The 2010-04-02 Wellmont Theatre version is very pretty. Jeff says it's probably the "quietest song in the Wilco catalogue." Then he gives out some "free dinner" vouchers.


Yes, I remember reading that show reviewed and feeling envious. I think he also said the only song possibly quieter that that was Dash 7. I can't seem to find any recordings for that show, though.


I'm comparing the solo version to the full band version.The drumbeat and bass line definitely give the song thrust. So lovely.

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I'm comparing the solo version to the full band version.The drumbeat and bass line definitely give the song thrust. So lovely.


I like the organ part on the studio version quite a bit. It was probably Leroy, but Mike was in that lineup also so it could have been him.



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