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Wilco playing The Hideout Block Party!

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Thank you, Jimmy Coulas for the heads -up rumour !

Once I heard Lin Brehmer would be making a Major announcement to the Hideout lineup @ 8:20; I bought some 2 day passes @ 7:45 AM.

Wilcoworld.net is finally listing the event. 9 / 14 & 15

I'm wondering if both nights or just Saturday headliner.

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To those who have been there before, can you shed some light on the policy at the Hideout? It seems like from their website it's a 2 day wristband and there is no re-entry. To me that reads like if you go Friday night, you're in there all night... They could have used some better verbage there.


In any case, already got my tickets. Again, those with previous experience there, what's the block party like?

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I'm unable to attend the block party this year because of work, but we attended as a family last year to see Mavis Staples and Andrew Bird. It was a one-day event last year, and it sold out mid-afternoon. One of the best things about the festival is that kids 10 and under are free, so it was the perfect opportunity to bring our daughters to see some great performers but without a big investment should they not enjoy themselves and want to leave early. As for organization and execution of the event, there were a few things that put a damper on the event. The simple act of entering the gates took an eternity because there was almost no signage to direct people to the proper line ("Will Call" "Tickets In Hand" "A-D" "E-M" etc.). The shows were held on a stage that was in the corner of a parking lot which was surrounded by a fence, and everyone had to enter and exit out of the same place which made for a lot of congestion. Basically, the entire affair was really congested. The concessions were along one of the streets that bordered the "stage lot," and the lines for beer blocked off foot traffic trying to get through to the food stands, etc. There weren't very many vendors (maybe two places to buy beer? Five food vendors?), so there were a lot of lines and periods of everyone being out of food. Granted, those things aren't about the music, the stage, or the sound, but they did have an impact on my enjoyment of the day and night. I'll be interested to hear what they changed from last year--especially to manage a Wilco-sized crowd.


On the other hand, they had cool booths set up, art and music to peruse, some kids' activities at the back of the "stage lot," and very friendly attendees. If I didn't have commitments for work, I'd be there for Wilco in a second.

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Having attended most of these and volunteered or sold merch at a few, it has become a bit of a mob scene in recent years. It has grown out of proportion of the space it is held in, but it is a pretty mellow event. The Block Party and Jeff have come a long way since he played in a tent on the street nearly 15 years ago. But this is truly home turf for Wilco, since about all the band members have played there at one time or another, as well as attended events there over the years. Clearly Wilco is NOT going to play two nights. I am going to guess that one of the nights Glenn Hassard will be the headliner. Wye Oak will also be a big draw obviously. I don't know why, but I am a bit shocked that Wilco has agreed to play this fest, but it is a benefit and they know the Hideout well, so maybe I shouldn't be so shocked.


Regarding kids: it is kid friendly during the day to be sure. By night time it gets significantly less kid friendly. But as I said I dragged my kids there to see Jeff and The Blacks when they both played during the day back in the old days. By night time it gets pretty crowded.



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So if anyone's wondering here's the day by day break down for the majority of the lineup.



Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, War on Drugs, Wild Belle


Wilco (presumably), Lee Fields, Wye Oak, Corin Tucker, Waco Bros w/Paul Burch.


Probably safe to assume CAVE plays on Friday.

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Kelly Hogan added! Plus Schedule and single day tix available.

Friday tickets are $30. Saturday are $40. So awesome that wilco is getting 2.5 hours to play, I was worried they would only get about an hour plus.


9:15pm Iron & Wine

8pm Glen Hansard

7pm The War On Drugs

6pm CAVE

5:30pm Guitarkestra


7:30pm Wilco

6pm Lee Fields & The Expressions

5pm Wye Oak

4pm Wild Belle

3pm The Corin Tucker Band

2pm Kelly Hogan

1pm The Waco Brothers w/ Paul Burch

12pm The Lawrence Peters Outfit



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Thanks, I was looking forward to more than 45 minutes of Iron & Wine on a Friday night


Does anyone know if there is more than 1 stage

If it is the same as years past there are two stages where the acts alternate, sort of like the main stages at Pitchfork.

Its nice to see that they added Kelly, former Hideout bartender.



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Thinking about the 10:30PM curfew and the 2nd encore (starting at 10pm?).

Perhaps, for a finale:

Shot in the Arm

Spiders ( very Electric, for a change ... outdoors .. )

Laminated Cat

Get Josh a cowbell ?



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If I recall correctly, outdoor music has gone on past 10:00 at the Hideout. I remember Waco Brothers playing until about 10:30pm at the Bloodshot anniversary, and Ratatat and Hercules & Love Affair went past 10:00p at the Block Party in 2008. So, it's not without the realm of possibility that Iron and Wine goes until 10:30. The 45 minute set time (assuming a 10:00 curfew) seems pretty short for them. I'd still bet Wilco ends at 10:00 though.


Definitely beyond excited for the Block Party this year.

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