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Beach Boys @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, summer of '85 or '86.


I had a cousin visiting from the U.P. (Michigan) for the summer and his whole visit was about doing California-y things. A Beach Boys concert seemed perfect (even though they were phoning it in, even I as a ~15yr old could see that).


IIRC, my second concert was seeing The Monkees on one of their reunion tours, so I had primo taste in music back then. ;)

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Neil Young and the stray Gators, Time Fades Away tour, the New Haven Coliseum, Jan. 25, 1973. A day or two after Tricky Dick announced the agreement to end US involvement in Vietnam War and the night Jean Dixon predicted the Coliseum would collapse. No better way to die as I recall my thinking at the time. Have a self made bootleg of this show on a cassette somewhere in a box in the basement. Great show. I remember an encore featuring a blistering Southern Man and a bouncy Are You Ready for the Country? My first concert was supposed to be Badfinger at the Shakespeare Theater in Stratford, CT in Feb. of 72, but there was a blizzard that day and the show was cancelled. Second show was the Allman Brothers at the Coliseum in March of 73. I remember the Beach boys in there somewhere as well. Photo from the Neil Young show in New Haven...






Allman Brothers set-list:

1. Wasted Words 2. Done Somebody Wrong 3. Statesboro Blues 4. One Way Out 5. Stormy Monday 6. Midnight Rider 7. Jessica 8. Ramblin' Man 9. Trouble No More 10. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 11. You Don't Love Me 12. Les Brers In A Minor 13. Whipping Post

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1976...days before my 16th birthday.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in freaking Shreveport Louisiana...arena was half full.


It was rocking.

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Roy Acuff at the Opry in the early seventies. My family went and it was great. I feel honored to have seen a true legend.


The first concert on my own? December 9, 1977 The Lakeland Civic Center. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Rush and Head East. I think that it was $6. I was 14. My mom and dad drove me and 2 or 3 buds in our motor home. They waited for us in the parking lot. This was the norm for my first 5 or so concerts. My friends thought that my parents were the coolest, which was true.

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