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Felt really old last night.

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You don't know what you're missing.

Unless it's IRememberDBoone

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We all feel old at some point in time. First time I felt old was in 2010 when I saw secondary and high school photographs that my older brother posted on his Facebook.


Then I feel old when I can't connect with the newer bands Gotye, etcetera, and then no one listens to R.E.M. anymore, or everybody has but forgotten the beautiful albums of 1996-8, and then Gotye keeps sounding like the Police that makes me feel old.

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I love the stories here!


First the employees at grocery stores look too young to be working there. Then young drivers look too young to have licenses. Next, a doctor is surprisingly young, and your children's teachers too. Then you realize your dentist or optometrist or someone you've see semi-regularly for eons is close to retirement and will probably be replaced soon with some kid. My chiropractor is very young, but no problem--he's fantastic at explaining things, friendly, efficient, and highly professional.


For some reason, my 26th and 36th birthday were bitter pills (the 26 one now seems really funny). 30 and 40, no problem. Then hit 42 and that was like death--spun me into a major funk. I don't know why 42 and not 40 or 45, because it's "supposed" to be those round-number birthdays that get you. I guess that's evidence that I just can't or don't conform. Now 46 is close but I feel good about where I am in many ways.


On the semi-downside, this doesn't happen anymore: until I was 40, I was often mistaken for a college student (as long as someone didn't get too close to see the crows feet!). That hasn't happened lately and that ship has probably sailed, but that's OK.

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