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Saw Wilco's first (or second?)-ever show. Lounge Ax '94. Any of you there, too?

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Guess that I am kinda bragging in here, but I was at Wilco's first-ever Chicago show (maybe their second-ever show).

T'was a late show at Lounge Ax in 1994 and it was my SECOND show of the evening. (I ran over to LAx from the Vic where I had just seen Pegboy destroy the place.) I was a huge UT fan and heard from folks in the crowd that "Jeff Tweedy is playing with his new band."

First half of the show was Jeff, solo/acoustic and then he brought up the rest of the guys with:

"I'd like to introduce you to my new band, Wilco."


So, you Chicago people: any of you folks there too?

I'm guessing that there had to be at least one or two of you.



He opened the show with a solo/acoustic version of "Gun" and that is pretty much all I remember of the set, as I didn't know most of the other tunes, yet.

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You're both very lucky to have seen Wilco in the beginning, i didn't even know about them at that time, not until later in the 90's, summerteeth was the first record i heard.


i did get to see Led Zepplin twice in the 70s...i was at the MSG show in NYC, the shows that produced the movie 'the song remains the same'...then saw them again later in the 70s.





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Very Cool....but I really wish I was at this.




I did actually see Wilco in early 1995 at the Button South Opening for the Jayhawks.


Since this has slipped off topic...I was at Zep's last ever show in July 1980 in Berlin. A few months later Bonham was dead. I had been a huge fan but this was my one and only time seeing the band. It was a disappointing performance with Page not on his game (in hindsight I think it may have coincided with the height of his drug issues). Got to see Page and Plant together again in the mid-90s and they totally redeemed themselves!

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