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Your top 3 music albums (collections of songs) released in the year 2012 A.D.

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I see your three and raise you three


Patterson Hood --- Heat Lightening Rumbles in the Distance

The Shins --- Point of Morrow

The Gaslight Anthem --- Handwritten

Bob Dylan --- Tempest

...and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead --- Lost Songs

Neil Young and Crazy Horse --- Psychedelic Pill

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Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Yim Yames: New Multitudes


Forgot that one.

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Lucero - Women & Work

Diamond Rugs - s/t

Jason Molina - Autumn Bird Songs

New Multitudes - s/t

Delta Spirit - s/t


Still listening to Lucero & Diamond Rugs on a regular basis. I was initially disappointed with the Delta Spirit album, but it's recently caught my ear a little better and I enjoy most of it very much. Molina's "album" really is just a demo session from before he entered rehab a few years ago, but it's brilliant at times.

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man, the bon iver backlash bandwagon is in full effect. hearing it all the time these days, clearly we are only now waking up from his sleep inducing music.




that article is hilarious! i love the pictures.

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1. Beach House - Bloom

2. Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral

3. Band of Horses - Mirage Rock


Ok, I might have put the Shins at #3 but I had to represent for Band of Horses. I honestly don't understand the hate for the new album, which I am loving by the way. I say give it another listen. Or if you have been scared away by the negative talk, give it a first spin and see what you think. :dj

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Aimee Mann, The Wallflowers, still waiting for the Peter Buck LP.


That's all for music released in 2012.


Of the new bands I heard some interesting songs by Murder by Death, they were quite good, but I still don't know whether I like the voice of the singer or not, at times he reminds me of Nick Cave.

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can on troll if one is a longtime member of the board?


anyway, my favorite critique of Bon Iver is Jim Derogotis calling him Mush Mouth :-)

To be fair, I can't be sure anyone on here knows what trolling is given Wilco's demographic. However, I think a couple of the people that are mainstays of Someone Else's Song and Tongue Tied-Lightning have proven that they're up to date. Then again, this is the internet: supposedly, everyone trolls.

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