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"cannonball!" songs that appear on album back to back....

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Side one of 'Spirit of Eden' by Talk Talk. Those three songs need to be listened to as a single piece.

Side one of 'In the Aeroplane' by NMH. Again, seemless and genius. 'Holland 1945' may be the best song ever.

Genesis: You can't listen to 'Horizons' without having 'Suppers Ready' follow it.

Wilco: 'Pot Kettle Black' and 'Poor Places'

Side two of Neil Young's 'On the Beach': The title track and 'Ambulance blues' with 'Motion Pictures' slotted in between. Great stuff.

Grandaddy: 'Now It's On' and 'I'm on Standby' from the 'Sumday' record.

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