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Terminal 5 Roadcase show added to my Roadcase rips collection!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I've finally added the recent Terminal 5 Roadcase show to my Mediafire folder of Roadcase rips.


The folder contains ONLY the shows that Wilco has posted to the Roadcase for free over the last few years, NOT the new Roadcase series that they're selling. There are a few rips of other shows that I judged as being "free" in the same sense (e.g. the Letterman Live performance audio), but, as always, let me know if any of this content shouldn't be freely available and I'll take it down right away.


Just wanted to share, as this show is particularly awesome.


Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Just noticed this, thanks a lot.


Question about the sound - it starts off nice and meaty and warm, and then at the 2:20 mark in Art of Almost it drops out and gets real tinny. And it stays that way. The bass drops off and the sound effects get muffled.  A flaw in Wilco's recording setup? Or something get messed up in the stream? The full sound kicks back in around the 2:35 mark of What's the World Got In Store. Haven't listened to the rest of it yet.

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