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No mentions of Joyce here, either, largely regarded as one of the greatest authors ever. I've read several of his books and felt like taking a melon scooper to my eyeballs each time.

I love Dubliners.  I think Ulysses is best read out loud.

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I read A Christmas Carol and it was a revelation being inside of Scrooge's head. Completely changed the story for me... for the better and destroyed any hyper-sentimentality that the movies displayed that was such a turn-off for me. Just a great, great book. Loved it.


Right after I finished it, I started reading Oliver Twist and had a hard time getting through it. Only got about 1/3 through before I put it down with every intention of finishing it; but I never picked it up again.

Oliver Twist is hard because it was only his second novel (at the ripe old age of 26!). Better to go with Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, Dombey & Son, David Copperfield or Hard Times. They're all great in different ways, but those are among his best.

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It's so hard to pin down to just a few favorites, but here goes:


Jane Austen

Charles Dickens

Edith Wharton

Ernest Hemingway

Nick Hornby

Sarah Vowell


You've all reminded me that I devoured all of Mark Twain's books when I was in grade school, but don't think I've read anything but a few short stories of his since then.  I'm inspired to revisit them, as I always loved his vivid storytelling and wicked humor.

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