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Your Favorite Keyboard Players

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Why not?

Let's continue along with the theme of the day.


Bob Andrews (Brinsley Schwarz/The Rumour)

Garth Hudson

Steve Nieve (The Attractions)

Jimmy Smith

Rod Argent (The Zombies/Argent)

George Martin

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Booker T. Jones

Garth Hudson

Nicky Hopkins

Stevie Wonder

Warren Zevon

JImmy Smith

Elton John

Glenn Gould

Roy Bittan

Bernie Worrell

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Keith Fucking Emerson. Christ, what is wrong with you people? :D He's the Jimi Hendrix of the Rock keys.

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i'll throw out:


steve nieve (mentioned)


and second that


roy bittan


and raise y'all with


leon russell





good mornin' y'all

and i like chimenti alot, too.


enjoy your breakfast.

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Another example of why I love Bob Andrews:

Just heard an interview with Nick Lowe and, apparently his piano part on this was a first take. They played it for him in the studio a couple of times; he said "Okay, I think I've got it now!"; and then he played THIS!!!

Jeezus. I didn't even realize that it was him playing the part until just now (I am listening to a Nick Lowe interview as I type this, wherein he relates the story I told you, above.) 

So freaking good.

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Not mentioned yet:


Louis Tillett (Australian)

Conway Savage (Australian - Bad Seeds)

Don Walker (Australian)

Mike Garson

Bobbie Nelson

Mikael Jorgensen

Pat Sansone

Tom Waits

Elliott Smith




Nicky Hopkins

Keith Godchaux

Garth Hudson

Ray Manzarek

Leon Russell

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