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Wilco - 27/03/13, Melbourne (Hamer Hall)

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The setlist as played:


One Sunday Morning

Poor Places

Art of Almost

I Might

Sunken Treasure


Impossible Germany

Born Alone

Laminated Cat

Radio Cure

Handshake Drugs

Shouldn't Be Ashamed

Jesus, etc

Whole Love

Box Full of Letters

Always in Love

Heavy Metal Drummer

Dawned on Me

Shot in the Arm


The Late Greats


I'm the Man Who Loves You


Unfortunately, Jeff came out at the start of the encore looking a bit annoyed and made a comment about there being different curfew rules for them compared to Bruce Springsteen (who was also playing Melbourne that night). I'm assuming this was a reference to the fact that the printed setlist included two encores, that looked like this:


Via Chicago

California Stars


The Late Greats

I'm a Wheel




Outtasite (Outtamind)


I'm the Man Who Loves You was supposed to close out the set. It was still a really good show, and I was particularly pleased to hear a couple of AM tracks. But its also a bit of letdown to know they had planned to play for a lot longer, but weren't allowed to. Fingers crossed tomorrow night they'll move the start time half an hour earlier so they can play two and a half hours if they want to.

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I believe Hamer Hall has a curfew of 11pm on weeknights (or they just don't want to pay their staff any overtime), which was really unfortunate, that would have been a great double encore. In fairness to Springsteen, he started at 8pm and also finished at 11pm. Hopefully tonight they start earlier.


Jeff's story about being blocked by police while going for a walk because they thought he was part of the Ellen crowd was hilarious, though I saw him mouth 'I just made that up' to Nels during Shouldn't Be Ashamed. Still, was a damn funny made up story!


Great show though, 1 show down, 5 to go!

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Last night alone in Melbourne you had the choice of Wilco, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Bruce Springsteen, and Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples. Paul Simon replaces Bruce at Rod Laver tonight. I can't recall a time we've been so spoilt for choice.


Of course, Wilco takes precedence over all!

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The music was fantastic last night, I can't wait for this evening. Loved Laminated Cat and Spiders, and Handshake Drugs always sounds wonderful live. We're closer to stage tonight ( 4 rows back ) - so excited!!

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Like the photos.  John is rocking the beard and v-neck!

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I've put up a link to my recording of this (see link in sig). It's hard to get songs like One Sunday Morning to sound good without getting lots of distortion on stuff like A Shot in the Arm, but I think this is a decent balance. Hopefully people will enjoy it. If anyone wants the second night thats still at least a few days away from being ready.

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