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Melbourne Hamer Hall show broadcast on ABC Radio - and can be streamed

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This week's 'Live Set' show on Australian RadioNational features Wilco's recent show at the Hamer Hall in Melbourne. 


It was broadcast today (sunday 28) but can be replayed via the 'Listen Now' button on the page below.  Not sure if the replay works outside Australia.  The web page also has some nice live pics of the band plus an interview with Jeff:




Here's the setlist - as listed:


Track: One Sunday Morning - 10'43"
Track: Poor Places / Art of Almost - 12'06"
Track: I Might- 3'06"
Track: Sunken Treasure - 6'12"
Track: Spiders - 5'37"
Track: Impossible Germany - 7'51"
Track: Born Alone - 4’23”
Track: Laminated Cat - 5’13”
Track: Radio Cure - 5’14”
Track: Handshake Drugs - 6’02”
Track: Shouldn’t be Ashamed - 3’16”
Track: Jesus, Etc - 4’06”
Track: Whole Love - 4’23”
Track: Box Full of Letters - 3’13”
Track: I’m Always in Love - 3’55”
Track: Heavy Metal Drummer - 3’22”
Track: Dawned on Me - 3’41”
Track: Shot in the Arm - 6’11”
Track: The Late Greats - 2’42”
Track: Walken - 4’40”
Track: I’m the Man Who Loves You - 4’31”

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Fantastic, so we now have soundboard releases of three of four headlining shows in Australia. I'll try to get an audio rip of this and will make it available to others if I can.

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