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Pat Sansone on Chicago's 88.5 WLUW The Minimal Beat.

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Guest DJ Pat Sansone from Wilco

  • Wilco / Wilco (The Song) / Wilco (The Album)
  • Dwight Twilley / Im On Fire / The Dwight Twilley Band
  • The Stories / Love Is In Motion / About Us
  • Prince / Tambourine / From Around The World In Day
  • Mayer Hawthorne / Maybe So Maybe No / Strange Arrangements
  • Kinks / Village Green / Preservation Society
  • Pete Townsend / Melancholia / Scoop
  • Guided By Voices / Hot Freaks / Bee Thousand
  • Yes / Starship Trooper / The Yes Album
  • XTC / Not Enough For Us / Skylarking
  • Utopia / All Smiles / Defacing The Music
  • Van Dyke Parks / All Is Golden / Song Cycle
  • Miracle Legion / Paradise / Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
  • R.E.M. / Gardening At Night / Chronic Town
  • The Groundhogs / Part 1 / Split
  • The Move / The Words of Errand / Message From The Country
  • Paul McCartney / Another Day / 7 Inch
  • Love / Daily Planet / Forever Changes
  • Shuggie Otis / Outta My Head / Inspiration Information
  • The Left Banke / Pretty Ballerina / Walk Away Renée/Pretty Ballerina Big Star / For You / Big Stars 3rd
  • Harry Nielsen / Together / Ariel Ballet
  • Everly Brothers / Cathy’s Clown / A Date With the Everly Brothers
  • The Who / Pictures of Lilly /7 Inch
  • The Autumn Defense / I Want You Back / Unreleased


THE MINIMAL BEAT 05.18.2013 by The Minimal Beat on Mixcloud

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There is a Who version of that song - but it is nowhere near as powerful as the demo. The sound on that recording is simply amazing.


The liner notes from Scoop:

Recorded at my Ebury  Street studio this is a pre TOMMY demo written around the time the band were facing a void in their career. It's a tremendously haunting song, but was obviously totally wrong for the band at a time we had just failed to get a hit with the glorious I CAN SEE FOR MILES. I suppose I was really melancholic when I wrote it.


My first attempt at tape phasing or 'flanging' can be heard on some elements of the track. I'm pretty sure The Who didn't even hear this song.

Typical Townshend memory lapse.

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