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AmericanaramA Concert 4 Nashville, TN 6/30/2013

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Bob Weir:


He made the most of his last night with AmericanaramA, however. The Grateful Dead singer/guitarist opened the show with another solo set. He ran through “Two Djinn,” “Loose Lucy,” “Friend of the Devil,” Bob Dylan’s “Most of the Time” and a jammed out version of “Cassidy.” As he mentioned before playing Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” in Atlanta on Saturday, Weir remarked that he was going to play a Dylan song the evening’s closing act was not going to play.



My Morning Jacket:


Wonderful (The Way I Feel)


Master Plan

First Light

It Beats 4 U

Slow Slow Tune

War Begun

Brown-Eyed Women (with Bob Weir)

I Know You Rider (with Bob Weir)

Victory Dance






Blood of the Lamb
Remember the Mountain Bed
Side with the Seeds
Art of Almost
Jesus, Etc.
Bird Song - with Bob Weir

Tomorrow Never Knows - with Bob Weir

Passenger Side
Impossible Germany
Born Alone
Laminated Cat
Hoodoo Voodoo



Bob Dylan:


Things Have Changed

Love Sick

High Water (For Charley Patton)

Soon after Midnight

Early Roman Kings

Tangled Up in Blue

Duquesne Whistle

She Belongs to Me

Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Blind Willie McTell

Simple Twist of Fate

Summer Days

All Along the Watchtower

Encore: Blowin' in the Wind



Since people are putting up videos - check this out:


(Bob Weir and Wilco)
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Some day, one of us will be cobbling together a "Wilco Plays the Dead" mix from these shows. :lol


I'd love it even on cassette like my old Dead shows. :)


WIlco & Weir > Dylan & The Dead


Don't get me wrong on that. Garcia was a great interpreter of Dylan's songs. There are beautiful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band versions of many of Bob's tunes. However, as a backing band for Bob on the Dylan & The Dead tour, that didn't work for me at all.


Contrast that with how perfectly Wilco and Weir have meshed. I'll remember the Tampa show for a long time to come and I'm thankful to anyone that's gotten recordings of the other shows.


Wilco and Weir. I never thought that'd be a thing, but what a cool thing it turned out to be. 

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Slack security, awesome! Wish I could have traveled up to TN. Nothing this good is likely to emerge from Atlanta.

Some day, one of us will be cobbling together a "Wilco Plays the Dead" mix from these shows. :lol


There is a version of Ripple from a Jeff solo show in 2001. I think he says something like "I hate the dead. . ."


Times have changed -

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I'm gonna try to remember most of the songs Wilco played. The show was pretty heavy on Mermaid Ave. songs, and I was missing "Whole Love" a lot. Bummed they cut "Standing O" also, they ran out of time because Bob Weir was having difficulty getting started on their jam. The Beatles tune was incredible though.

This isn't in order and the best of my recollection.

Blood of the Lamb

Airline to heaven

Mountain Bed

Side with the seeds


Bob weir jam > tomorrow never knows

Laminated cat

Born alone

Impossible Germany

Jesus Etc.

Hoodoo Voodoo

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I had a blast. The highlight for me was when Jeff saw the poster I made for the gig. (it's become my "thing" now when I go to the shows to write something on a poster board to make them smile, this time it said "thanks for being my favorite band for 12 years!) Jeff saw it and said "you're welcome" :) 


I loved seeing Hoodoo Voodoo live again. It's such a fun song, and the interplay between Pat and Nels is awesome, although, every time I looked at Nels much of the night he look really serious and sorta going through the motions a bit. On the other hand, my friend that came with my husband and I to the gig couldn't take her eyes off Pat. :lol 


"Side With the Seeds" was a really nice unexpected surprise and "Misunderstood" into "Art Of Almost" was badass. (also, 35 "nothings" for those keeping count). 


I loved that Jeff was wearing the Popeye Wilco shirt also. 

Speaking of shirts, I was a little surprised that Wilco's shirts were $35 a pop. I still bought one cos I had budgeted $40 for merch, but they only had 2 designs. The revamped rooster from 2007 SBS tour, and then the cool retro loop design on a blue shirt. I went for the blue, because it looked more girly. But still, $35 for a shirt.... ouch.


I really enjoyed MMJ a lot. It was my first time seeing them, and I would really like to see them again. They were fun, but a tad too loud, almost to the point of being distorted, though that could also be because we were on the rail. 


Bob Weir was interesting- I don't know anything about the dead, so it's hard for me to say much about him other than he seemed a little flustered at points, and some of the guitar work seemed a little like he got lost in his own songs. I need to educate myself about his songs a bit more I think... 


Then, my friend (since she drove) elected that it was time to leave before Dylan even came on, which was really sad, but I felt like I sort of owed her to leave early since we spent a good 5 hours in line before doors. 


I will say that the security and promoters for this gig were really nice. I actually talked to security and explained my disability, and not only did they let us take in a couple chairs, but they also let us go in with the early "VIP" ticket holders that apparently had to pay $200 a ticket. That was really nice. 


One thing that was inconvenient was those dreadful blankets right up front. It made getting out really difficult and I almost wiped out on a lady's discarded beer bottles. yikes. 

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I seriously wish I could have caught all four of these shows with Bobby. All very different (well, with the exception of Dylan's set list). Just happy I was able to attend two.

It will be interesting to see what is coming up with the other acts. Richard Thompson? Will he join Wilco onstage for a Fairport Convention cover, or one of his solo tunes? Cannot imagine.

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Sorry. My signals got crossed. Airline came on in the car a bunch on the way home.


My bad.

Passenger side was played. Standing O was omitted due to time.


Also they sound checked "Was I In Your Dreams".

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Sorry. My signals got crossed. Airline came on in the car a bunch on the way home.


My bad.

Passenger side was played. Standing O was omitted due to time.


Also they sound checked "Was I In Your Dreams".


Standing O was on the setlist?  Damn!!!


Would've loved to hear that soundcheck.  I'll try to do that in Tuscaloosa.

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Did no one else think that Wilco's sound was way off? During Impossible Germany, Tomorrow Never Knows, and others I can't think of, I couldn't hear Nels AT ALL. I was on the rail, so maybe it was mixed better for the crowd that could hear more than the stage PAs, but I couldn't hear any solos at all hardly.



I'm a huge MMJ fan, Only my 3rd time seeing Wilco, and my ~35th seeing MMJ, but Misunderstood was my highlight of the night. Though, MMJ w/ Weir doing Brown Eyed Women was pretty badass.

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