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LouieB surpasses Tweedy's Gurl - for old timers only.

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Well this WAS a nice sentimental thread.  Oh well.



I'll go back on topic (sort of!) and say one of the greatest things I ever read on here was the Ryan Adams vs. Jeff Tweedy Celebrity Death Match. If someone has this somewhere post that mother up! I think it was eviscerated during one of the board crashes/board retoolings.

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I posted a lot back in the day as i believe i found ViaChicago when it was created. Id often check the site many times a day as i enjoyed reading about people's stories, concert reviews, and info about other bands. Heck, I even purchased a Via Chicago coffee mug! I've never changed my name either. 


But i've shied away from posting, its just not my thing anymore. I still like reading it though.



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