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Its a little rough. Still needs some work. But its a start. Feel free to help out.


Crack a Smile

Jeff Tweedy

(Jandek Cover)

Capo 1


Intro:  D   F#m   Bm


Make [?] me with it [?]
D           F#m            Bm

It's all a game of Sunday fortune

In your eye

Crack a smile

G                     Bm          D

Fortune frowns on your bad heart
Bm              D         Bm

Can you bless them, will you
Gmj7                   Bm      D

With a curse of a doubt
G             Bm      D        

Crack a smile

C#m                         Bm          D

Don't let your fortune fail you
D      F#m        Bm       G

I can be your heart
      G                     D   F#m   Bm

Crack a smile

                    G   Bm   G  Bm   B

To be the weight on

A word from the

Report to your bone
Bm           B         Bm

Crack a face made of ice
Bm              D           F#m           Bm

Crack a black body

Bm                       D        F#m          Bm

Don't let your fortune fail you

Crack a smile

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