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AmericanaramA 17 Comcast Mansfield July 20 (great woods)

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Very Enjoyable

Good Pre Show Tailgate in Lot BIg Heat Relieving T Storms early on

Did not catch Bingham except when he joined MMJ who were (1st timer) loud and fun kinda grew on me as the set moved on.

Wilco 's set was so varied but with a sense of urgency that I had not seen / for a good reason.

Really thought they emptied the tank and are in a great place playing as a unit. Would have liked a bit more expansion of solos & jamming but that's next time next year.

Having seen Bob 3 x in last 2 yrs impost recently 6 months ago it was predictable but still most enjoyable. I appreciate his stewardship of his songs. He really breathes life through rearrangement of songs written decades ago.

His Piano playing was great and Harp playing superb.

Till next time ...

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I didnt get to see Ryan Bingham but MMJ really impressed me having not been super huge on their stuff. I really enjoyed them. 

Wilco obviously didn't disappoint, I just wish there was time for a longer set. My friend who came with me was struck dumb by their set. It was awesome to see. 

Dylan is Dylan. Every time I've seen him he's started off interesting, gets boring, gets a little interesting, then the finale/encore either sucks or rocks. I'll only see him again if there's a good opening act. 


What I really loved about the show is how each band made the venue into their own vibe. MMJ had the day time festival feel. Wilco made it like it was their own show. And Dylan and his lights and lanterns really set a tone for his show. I really loved it. 

Plus the lightning really added an eerie quality to everything. 

Worth the money and the drive. Great time. 

But hey, Massachusetts! Anyone wanna explain WHY I have to be 25 to buy beer at  venue? 

It;s okay I didnt wanna buy a shitty $10.50 Goose Island IPA anyway. 

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Pretty much lost my mind when they played "Should've Been in Love". Told another Wilcohead friend of mine and he couldn't believe it--claimed they haven't played it in a long time, but I haven't checked that myself. Also loved how it had a feel as if it were a Ghost-era track or something. Was a bit disappointed that some of the other stops on this supporting tour looks like they got a few more songs than we did, but that's me just being obnoxious. Also, kind of surprised MMJ received roughly equal set time to Wilco, but again, I'm complaining for the sake of doing so.


Anyway, truly unbelievable cuts on this tour. Last night was the 16th Wilco set in my young life and the first for my girlfriend, and I'd put it up there with some of the best (all things considered).


Have to add as well that I've now seen Dylan three times in the last decade, and he really impressed me last night.

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All the setlists together:



Ryan Bingham


My Morning Jacket

The Dark

First Light


It Beats 4 U

Slow Slow Tune


Victory Dance

Run Thru (end only)

Wordless Chorus

Don't Do It (with Ryan Bingham) (The Band cover) [Marvin Gaye song, composed by Holland–Dozier–Holland.]




Airline to Heaven

Remember the Mountain Bed

Muzzle of Bees

Should've Been in Love

Impossible Germany

Less Than You Think

Art of Almost

Via Chicago

Whole Love

Box Full of Letters

Dawned on Me

I Got You (At the End of the Century)

Born Alone

Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles) (with My Morning Jacket)


Bob Dylan

Things Have Changed

Love Sick

High Water (For Charley Patton)

Soon after Midnight

Early Roman Kings

Tangled Up in Blue

Duquesne Whistle

She Belongs to Me

Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

Desolation Row

Blind Willie McTell

Simple Twist of Fate

Summer Days

All Along the Watchtower


Blowin' in the Wind

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Traffic was not bad if was Steady but they (Gillette ) also has a 9pm curfew

We left 20mins after show got out and were at the top of 95 in Canton in 20 mins..

Yep surprised you past but the. Pot calling Kettle Black as I missed SSF

Ouch ESP Friday

But you never know ...

C Ya in the Spring hoping the Orpheum again!

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