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I need a ride after the show to the Midway Orange Line stop tonight.

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Pardon me if this isn't the proper place to post this, but it doesn't look like Wilco is doing that Zimride thing for this tour. Does anyone know if there will be PACE buses running from the Orange Line Midway stop to Toyota Park? Their website says it runs for soccer games and for select other events. I suppose if worse comes to worse, I could call a cab.

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 try the RTA TripPlanner website or call the helpline  at 312- 836- 7000 to confirm.


The Pace bus  #386 South Harlem runs from Midway Orange Line to 71/Harlem (Toyota Park).


From Midway to Toyota Park appx. every 30 mins  at  :15 & : 45 roughly and about a 20 min. ride.


Save some $ for the taxicab after the show, looks like the last bus out leaves Toyota Park at 7:51pm.


This is the regular PACE #386 route, not necessarily catering to Americanarama.   :guitar   Enjoy!

Here's to hopin' somebody wins $5 !!

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Sorry , I'm not driving. So I can't be 100% on offering a ride. But at that hour the fare will be under$10. Although, taxi's will be busy. Send me a PM  with info and I'll let you know if there's room.

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