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Jeff Tweedy To Play Two Solo Shows At San Francisco Fillmore

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Anything on the east coast!! I'm really hoping...man, around the holidays...that would be soooooooooooo great!!
I'm up for anything within 8 hours of Western New York!!

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Dude must really like snow.

Come on, Jeff, back to F-L-A. Palm trees in the winter time! :lol

YES COME to FLA, we have a standing invitation for any or all members of Wilco to be our guests at our house for an Italian feast that my Wife will  fix up and I make a great garlic bread

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I am a big comic reader. Right now, I am reading mostly Image stuff (Chew, East of West, Saga, Invincible, Satellite Sam, ...). It seems you are a Marvel person?


That's just the Omnibus/Absolute shelf. I had to get a studier shelf for the massive Omnibus and Absolute stuff, my other shelves were threatening to colapse. I love Vertigo, Image, Dark Horse, Boom! and all kinds of other stuff. I like to think I am very well rounded when it comes to genres and publishers

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