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Looking for a ticket for any of the 4 Jeff Tweedy Largo Shows in L.A. in Dec.

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Hey all,


Tried for 45 minutes to get through The Largo's primitive ticket site, even got far enough to enter credit card info a couple times, but nothing went through.  Sad.


If anyone has any extra tickets I would really really really appreciate it if you let me buy them from you.  any of the 4 nights in L.A. would be excellent.



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Hey everyone, now that these shows are just around the corner I wanted to check in and see if anyone has any extras for any night at the Largo.  I'd love to go, help a fan out!  Thanks!

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Bumping this up again, just in case anyone has any extra tickets for any of the 3 remaining Largo shows.  I'll gladly pay you for the ticket plus buy you dinner/provide good company and display proper audience etiquette as well (no annoying offtime clapping or randomw outbursts of yelling and hollering).


Thanks again, I'd love to go to any of the shows!

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