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Too much awesome at once

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I wonder when that picture was taken. I don't think the Mythbusters guys were at Solid Sound, were they? And I don't think John Hodgman was at the Rally to Restore Sanity. Any ideas, anyone?


Maybe the were testing the "how to fight lonliness" theory.

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They don't seem to be smiling and their teeth aren't shining meaninglessly.


Maybe them being together busted the myth.

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Bottle Rockets demo unearthed with JT on backing vocals




 "Indianapolis," a folk-blues song about life on the road replete with colorful characters, handclaps, harmonicas, and at least one well-aimed John Cougar Mellencamp diss. In that 22-year-old track, it's not clear whether the Bottle Rockets will ever make it back out onto the road.



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