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The Chicken Game - Some December Silliness

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This is hilarious, almost as funny as Jeff's 2001 solo tour banter of inserting "cock" into song titles as a kid. Nothing will ever top "Out of Cock (Out of Mind)" as suggested by someone in the audience. I was going to say "by an audience member", but, no.


Anyhow, now that most of the well-known titles have been taken I nominate:

Blasting Chickens
Corduroy Cutoff Chicken

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I stole this idea and put it on the Pearl Jam message board.  I gave full credit to here though, so I hope that's okay.  I doubt it will take off over there though, as they aren't as lighthearted as some fans (although the thread of photoshopping cats into random Pearl Jam pictures is pretty hilarious).

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