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Foods you eat that others despise

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I've been snacking on pickled northern pike that I caught and pickled last month. I added port wine to the recipe this time. Delicious!

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yeah, i'm betting that not people have this going through their head at any sort of frequency:


"I could really go for some pickled fish right about now"


You just dont travel in the right circles, Chico.

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It's actually pretty shitty, price notwithstanding.   I eat it because I get bored of the other options available near my workplace, and it is a little cheaper than most of the other things I have access to and am willing to eat.


Their slogan, "It's good mood food," is more like 'Ashamed to tell my wife what I had for lunch food."

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their 15.99 dinners are actually1000X better than the schlep they serve at most fast food joints. I go on meat loaf or turkey nights sometimes and you get 4 sides which is a pretty good deal I guess. it can feed 3 people. I get 2 sides of mashed potatoes and a side of lima beans and corn and make succotash. you also get 4 buns or 4 pieces of zucchini bread and that sh*t is good too.

and the 2 for 5.99 fish sandwiches are way better than any other fast food hell hole.

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