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Sending love to srmt

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Hello VC,


I've just learned,  via her facebook post, that Sue Tweedy has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her neck/chest.


Here's her post:


Hello loved ones, liked ones and ones I sorta know.....I have struggled a bit about whether to post this on Facebook, and I've come to the conclusion that FB is actually kind of excellent for these kinds of things.
I have some heinous-ish medical news and by posting it here, I can reach my people at once and give updates when necessary. I also have come to feel like it can NOT hurt to have a buttload of people all thinking positive thoughts for you. I am gratefully accepting all forms and flavors of good thoughts, good vibes, healing thoughts, prayers, virtual hugs, white light and any other positive things you'd like to bestow.
So.....I have a tumor in my chest/neck. It's similar to a malignant tumor I had in a similar spot 22 years ago. This one is a bit more precariously located....it's messing with my vena cava and my trachea and some other things. I had a huge scan today to see if it has spread anywhere else. I don't have the results of that yet....getting tests on Fridays is the pits. Very early this coming Monday morning, I am getting an endobronchial biopsy. Eventually, and hopefully sooner rather than later, there will be a major surgery involved to remove the sonofabitch. That's all I really know so far. 
You guys....I know it's kind of weird to post this here....but whatevs. I love and/or like you guys. I do not love and/or like cancer.


I know how much the VC community loves, respects, and admires Sue. I hope you will all find your own way to hold her in your heart with prayers, vibes, heaing light or whatever works for you. She is dear to us here at Via Chicago, and we wish her the smoothest path as she confronts this illness.


We love you, Sue. You are in our thoughts and in our hearts. 

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If your bravery, strength of character or lovableness were ever in question--and they weren't, by the way--there would be no doubt left now. You are the coolest, most grounded and nurturing person I can imagine, and the outpouring of love and support here and on your FB page is awesome. We are all rooting for you, Sue, and sending all love and positive energy to you, Jeff, Spencer and Sam.

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Sue has brought so much great music my way, from the Lounge Ax days of seeing bands like Red Red Meat, Glue, Yo La Tengo, monsieur Tweedy and others, to working hard on spectacular benefits in Chicago. I have to believe that only the best is her due.

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