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Jeff Tweedy solo album?

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So not to be too literal or anything, but why are we calling this a solo record and not another side-project? Is there any evidence other than the mention on Pitchfork, which wasn't sourced? Not that it matters, just curious. One of the band members (interview quoted earlier) kept referring to the project/band as TWEEDY ("Extra special thanks to Jeff Tweedy, the band TWEEDY...") and the poster for the shows and wilcoworld uses the name TWEEDY (again all caps). With Spencer on the drums and other musicians on stage (as opposed to most "Jeff Tweedy" shows)...So if this is a new "band" than can we assume the record will bear the TWEEDY name and not be considered a solo record? Clearly, I'm over-thinking this...


Again, not that it really matters and I've always been confused about why certain records are considered "solo records" and others are side-projects, etc., when the principle songwriter is the same in both instances. Maybe that's a conversation for another time.

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Usually when the principal songwriter of a band puts out a record on his/her own apart from the band, that's called a solo record and when he/she is involved with a project in which he/she is *one of* the songwriters (i.e. Golden Smog, Loose Fur), then it's a side project. At least that's how I would distinguish the two. It's probably splitting hairs, at any rate.


I would expect the record to probably come out under "Jeff Tweedy," but who knows...maybe it will be "TWEEDY." Does it really matter one way or the other?

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There is a somewhat nebulous distinction in the musical content of the record.  If there are some spare arrangements to augment some chord strumming and lyric singing then it feels like a solo record.  If there are some complex arrangements, and key instrumental sections that seem to have a ton of fingerprints from all the band players it starts to feel like a different band/side project.  Maybe the name Tweedy, itself is a compromise between those two ideas.  We won't really know the character of the album from these signs until it's actually out there for people to hear.  Speculation continue....

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... the poster for the shows and wilcoworld uses the name TWEEDY (again all caps)

Name of group with all uppers style is fine plan in best tradition, and Mr Jeff Tweedy know this for sure!

It is good sign for this project. I anticipate much in advance.


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Here's a great, in depth article about this: http://thefutureheart.com/2014/05/18/wilco-updates/​​

I'm betting this means more tour dates in the Autumn


"Good afternoon. Big news today from HQ. 
We’ve got the first details on Jeff’s forthcoming album, Sukierae (sue-key-ray), which we will release via dBpm Records on Sept. 16. Technically not a solo album, Sukierae features 20 new songs written by Jeff and performed by father/son team of Jeff and his 18-year-old son and drummer Spencer under the band name TWEEDY.
 “When I set out to make this record, I imagined it being a solo thing, but not in the sense of one guy strumming an acoustic guitar and singing,” Jeff said. “Solo to me meant that I would do everything – write the songs, play all the instruments and sing. But Spencer's been with me from the very beginning demo sessions, playing drums and helping the songs take shape. In that sense, the record is kind of like a solo album performed by a duo."
And for a taste of things to come,  we’re streaming a track called “I’ll Sing It” at Wilcoworld, so go there now to listen. It features Jeff on vocals, guitars, bass and electric sitar with Spencer on drums plus backing vocals by Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius. Jeff's summer tour begins tomorrow in Detroit. A complete list of dates follows or you can find them on the shows page at Wilcoworld.
We’ll have more Sukierae details (and tracks, too) in the coming weeks. So stay tuned."


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