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Hate selling this, but figured I'd try here first (Millenium Park Poster)

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Sorry if this isn't allowed or if it's the wrong forum, I mean no harm!


Got this poster back in 2007 and had it matted and framed. Long story short, I'm moving soon, the frame was chipping and I could use some money, so I'm looking to sell this.


I really like the mat, so I was thinking someone might be interested in getting it with the mat. It would have to be shipped flat so I'm not sure what the shipping would be, but from what I gather it might be close to $40 for the shipping.


I don't really have a price in mind, so I'm willing to take offers.


Picture isn't the greatest, but you get the idea! PM me if interested!




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Great poster. I have it framed and matted hanging on a living room wall. Nice show, one of the first at Millennium Park that featured the latticed network of overhead speakers that span the entire lawn area. Refrigerator magnets of the same were handed out at entry. Been a while, but I'm pretty sure I bought my ticket from Nalafej. He must've upgraded to the pavilion. Or something..  Wilco needs to play this venue again !   Great depiction of a Wilco-ized Millennium Park blur.

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