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Tweedy - Sukierae

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OK "Sukierae" now replaces whatever you used to consider Wilco's most underrated album...for me that is "Wilco (The Album)", for lots of others it's either that or "A.M.". I know this isn't a Wilco album, but then at the very least it's Jeff Tweedy's most underrated/overlooked/misunderstood album ever. If anyone else has some good year end list news to share in regards to this, feel free to chime in.

Because as far as I can see, this album is just not getting anywhere near the recognition it deserves in year end Critic's polls/best of year end lists. It's making some, but if at all, it's not that high on the list, & certainly nowhere near as high as it deserves to be. This was an opus & then some, a great double album that sits with the best great double albums, & along with "St. Vincent" by St. Vincent, it was one of my two, head & shoulders, favorite albums of the year.

Here's the most recent disappointing showing in the year end Village Voice Pazz & Jop Poll...it finished #128 with 84 points & only 10 mentions (by comparison the St. Vincent album, which finished #4, garnered 1224 points & 112 mentions)

Here's the writers who did vote for it as being part of their top ten
James Bradley
Andrew Dansby
Eric Danton
Mark Deming
Jill Ettinger
Bill Holdship
Marianne Meyer
Seth Mnookin
Michael Pollock
Bonnie Stiernberg

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Since I still think this album is a grower, I think more people will appreciate it over time. When you look at past "Top albums of the year" lists you'll find a lot of stuff that hasn't aged very well.


We happen to be Wilco fanatics, so we obviouosly have given the album a lot more time and patience then most would.


It's ok that the mass, or even the critics aren't overally excited about this release. It's not a very "exciting" record by any means. Not every album has to be a fireworks display to be enjoyed. It's a very subtle record.

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I've seen it in the top 50 of a fair few lists.


Just noticed this too from Roddy Woomble, a guy whose solo albums I've been enjoying alot over the past few years.





my album of the year was ‘Sukierae’ by Tweedy. Seeing him/them at the London Palladium in November was also my concert of the year. I have been a fan of Jeff Tweedy/Wilco/Uncle Tupelo since i bought the UT album ‘Anodyne’ in 1993. Over the years his music since has evolved in such a natural and interesting way. What a man.


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 It's not a very "exciting" record by any means. Not every album has to be a fireworks display to be enjoyed. It's a very subtle record.

I agree with this. And because it is not a very exciting record, it is at #128 in the VV poll. Are there 127 better records from this past year? Doubtful. But will it be in a lot of people's top ten? Probably not. Five waltzes in twenty songs ---> #128 on the VV poll.


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The notable thing for me at this point, listening to this record, is what a consistently good and engaging double album it is.  I can name other 2xlp's with songs I like more (London Calling, White Album etc), but I can't remember a double with this consistency.  It all works well to me, I don't find myself wishing one of the songs was cut.

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Hey all...I haven't posted here for years.  I am completely blown away by this album though and felt like I needed to yell it out to people who may understand...


I think this is his best work since YHF. I said it.


Unbelievable set of songs, all of them amazing...the songwriting is freaking amazing.

Even though it maybe does not sound like it, it gives me the FEEL of Being There..Summerteeth...the nostalgic..poppy..folksy sounds (with some darkness in between the lines) that I have missed for so long...


Anyway, I think this album is the real deal, good job Tweedy.  Can't get enough of it..have not been this excited about a new album for awhile.

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Picked this up when it was released.  Finally getting into it.  Saw some of the live stuff and it knocked me out.  Right now I'm digesting the first disc.  I totally hate the first tune (Please Don't Let Me...) so I dropped it and put I'll Sing It in for the opener.  Totally works, especially with the Nobody Dies album closer.


On the whole album is a little under produced, but some songs are real classics.  World Away, High As Hello and Low Key being some.


On to the second disc!

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Presumably in the best category:-




Not an earthshattering article, but I posted it because of the errors. The Tweeds made a album, and I liked the idea of "Spencer putting collage on hold to live the indie dream".




Jeff Tweed & Spencer Tweed: When Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy decided to make a solo album, he started to demo the songs with his young son Spencer on drums. As they became more involved with the music that they were creating, however, it turned into a full recording and touring project, with Spencer putting collage on hold to live the indie dream. Now that's some liberal parenting.



I wonder how  long it will take them to make the corrections.

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It's really fascinating to revisit Sukierae after hearing Star Wars...

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I think there's loads of continuity between Sukirae and Star Wars. The sound first of all struck me straight away. More and Taste The Ceiling could have been holdovers, and the personal lyrics of Where Do I Begin and Magnetized make Star Wars way more of a Jeff & co. album than a Wilco one in the same sense as The Whole Love.

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