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TWEEDY - 6/20/2014, Austin, TX (ACL Live at the Moody Theater)

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Bbop was not in attendance so I thought I'd take the liberty of starting this thread. I've been up for over 40 hours so I'm going to hold off on any comments until I am more coherent. I've attached a photo of tonight's set list :-)


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One quick note and then I swear I'm getting some rest. ITMWLY and You and I were omitted. Misunderstood was played last. The ladies from Lucius played most of the set with the band. They came onstage during either Summer Noon or World Away and stayed until the end of the full band set. They came out for the band encore and for Jesus, Etc. Sorry I didn't take any notes so this is from memory.

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Persistence pays off. Who would have guessed that a theater tour, a winning personality, and patient waiting in line would get you this beautiful reward? I'm so happy for you, Sandy, and I hope tomorrow night's show is just as awesome.


I'm hoping for even more colorful details when you wake up after a nice long sleep, filled no doubt with a certain dreamer in your dreams. 

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A few more notes from tonight's show.... During the first part of the set with the full band, they seemed pretty relaxed. Doing a major television taping after playing less than a dozen shows together had to come with a bit of pressure, but it didn't really show. Jeff was smiling a lot more than he usually does during songs, and I think that helped everyone else stay loose. He even kept up the light hearted vibe by inadvertently skipping Spencer when doing the band intros, which the audience was kind enough to (quite heartily) bring to his attention. The lovely ladies of Lucius, Holly and Jess, joined the band a few songs in and almost exclusively sang harmonies. My view of Liam was almost completely blocked by a camera so I can't be 100% certain, but I don't think he sang at all tonight. Spencer joined in on Give Back The Key To My Heart, but otherwise I believe it was just Jeff, Holly and Jess on vocals. Also of note was the absence of "I'll Sing It" on the setlist, which I'm sure many here were hoping would make its debut. During Jeff's solo set, he stopped Hummingbird after flubbing the first verse, which he amusingly blamed on being distracted and said "take all of these cameras away!". After the restart, he finished out with some shaky whistling, about which he joked "where's Andrew Bird when you need him?". After that, he strummed the first few chords of You & I then stopped it and said "oh yeah, I wasn't going to play that one". That met with some jeers from the crowd, to which he replied that he was limited on time. A couple of songs later, Holly and Jess rejoined for the last two songs of the solo set. During the encore, Jeff gave a nod to Doug Sahm as you'd expect. Last thing I noted was that the "nothing" count on Misundertood was a lofty 36. Oh, and for my "I can't believe I just heard that" moment of the evening, I had to chuckle at the lady next to me wondering aloud to her companions "is Austin City Limits still on PBS?". Sigh.


Here was the complete setlist — as played:


Down From Above*

Diamond Light*


Summer Noon*

World Away*

Desert Bell*

Honey Combed#

New Moon#

Where My Love#

High As Hello#

Wait For Love#

Low Key#

Slow Love#

Nobody Dies Anymore#

Via Chicago^

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart^

New Madrid^

Hummingbird^ (stopped and restarted)

You & I^ (first few chords played then aborted)

Please Tell My Brother^

Born Alone^

Jesus, etc.+

Passenger Side+


Give Back The Key To My Heart# [Doug Sahm]

California Stars#




* — w/full TWEEDY band

# — w/full TWEEDY band and Holly and Jess from Lucius on backing vocals

^ — Jeff solo acoustic

+ — Jeff acoustic with Holly and Jess from Lucius on backing vocals

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I give a fierce welcome to the female double throat as best addition. I tell to Mr Jeff Tweedy many time, also with emphasis on use of pout move for audience frenzy effect.




P.S. I also suggest pout move for Mr Jeff Tweedy but he has some reluctance for this facial as he forget personal mirror for dressing room practise. He send me selfish photo for advice. It has some smoulder value for sure but I say "Mr Jeff Tweedy I am not in frenzy". He do not reply to that PM as he is in likely sulk mode I suspect. Maybe I make him feel better to tell that Professor from Stockholm say he did have minor frenzy tremble from this pic, but he still prefer barechest pic with nanchucks, as I already write.




Are you in frenzy? I am not suspecting.

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Thanks Firecracker Kid for clearing up my Lucius confusion. I thought they had come out much earlier.


A couple more banter related tidbits. Jeff said he had waited so long to produce a solo record because he had to grow his own drummer. When bringing Holly and Jess on stage he said that their last name was not Tweedy but that they were welcome to change it if they'd like. At the beginning of New Madrid when the crowd cheered after just one chord he stopped and said, "you couldn't possible know what song that is. All my songs start like that." He said he wasn't going to play any more songs, he was just going to play the first chords of songs and see if we could guess them.


On another note, I took the Moody Theater tour during the day and I highly recommend it if you have the time. You get to see the green room, dressing rooms and the sound and video production areas. There is also a Jim Marshall photo exhibit on the top floor with some of his iconic shots of Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Janis, Jerry, etc. Well worth the time and effort.

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