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Is it taboo to ask about Speedracer

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If it isn't taboo, maybe those of us who a 'come to Jesus' letter could share.


Now THAT would be interesting.

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But I wouldn't want to cause moderator heartburn

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And looking back, I had totally forgotten that I had this sort of nemesis thing going with Lauren.

I don't twist off on folks nearly as much anymore. Hardly do it here at all.

A newer, kinder Crow.

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I believe we are in the end game portion of this boards life.

With no activity from the band and several month away from Jeff's solo record, we have no unifying force to keep us involved and interested.

The Political stuff should have been quashed from the outset. All it served to do was cause strident opinions and hard feelings.

This board has become a real repository of butthurt lately, and I don't see things changing for the better anytime soon.

A Mark Twain quote comes to mind.

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