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Tweedy-Merriam Theatre, Philadelphia, 9/21/2014

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That sweet, sweet Darin Gray picked up his setlist off the floor and handed it to me at the end of the show last night. Here's what was on it. But it doesn't include the Jeff solo portion and my memory is terrible.


Nobody Dies Anymore


Summer Noon

World Away

New Moon

Honey Combed

Desert Bell

Slow Love

Fake Fur Coat

Diamond Light

Wait for Love

High as Hello

Low Key




Love Like a Wire

Jesus Wept (but this was not played--swapped out for You Are Not Alone)

Only The Lord Knows

California Stars


I am just too foggy this morning to even take a stab at the solo songs. Hopefully someone else will jump in, or I'll give it a shot after I've gotten some sleep. Up all night at the train station and still on the train.

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Great show!


The acoustic part of the show went like this:



New Madrid 


You and I


Passenger Side

We've Been Had

Not for the Season

A Shot in The Arm

I'm the Man Who Loves You


Pretty similar to the setlist in Athens, still a great show. Lots of fun. 

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What a wonderful night! The band seemed very relaxed, the sound was fantastic, and the crowd kept quiet when they were supposed to, which I thought made the performance that much more enriching. After seeing the early summer show in Baltimore, it was apparent that the band had definitely woodshedded some of the material, as evident by their playing.


I finally caught up with Diane after the show, and we had a grand post- show tailgate in the parking garage. Diane, you're the best!


Got to meet Jeff, Spencer, and Darin briefly after the show, even able to snap a few pics of Jeff with my friend and Diane.


A memorable evening to be sure! I called out to Jeff, "See you in Nashville!" - last week i booked flight and hotel. now I just have to get my hands on a sweet single for each night - guess I better get over to the ticket page- if anyone has any extras, please PM me.


Looking forward to live stream for tonight's show!!!!

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