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Centro-Matic packin' it in.

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This is really too bad. These guys were possibly my favorite active band. I got into them in 2011, shortly before purchasing Candidate Waltz, one of my favorite releases of the last ten years (at least). After that, I purchased a bunch of their albums, and albums by South San Gabriel, and Will Johnson. The amount of good music those three acts have put out is almost as remarkable as the fact that none of them appears to have achieved much commercial success. Centro-Matic seemed to acknowledge their lack of success in one of their early songs, "Huge in Every City," and in the titles of their last two albums. Anyways, I'm sure that lack of success despite putting out really good music has been extremely frustrating, and probably iimpacted their decision to go on hiatus.

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They're one of those bands I've been meaning to listen to out for ages, ever since that wonderful record Will Johnson did with Jason Molina, but I never knew where to start.


Fort Recovery was the first Centro-Matic record I heard.  I really like it, but this one pulled me in big time.  If you like the quieter side of Will Johnson, his solo record, Vultures Await, is excellent, too.

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