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TWEEDY — 10/1/14, Buffalo, NY (Town Hall)

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I was headed into town from Akron, after seeing St. Vincent in Cleveland the night before...a stop in Jamestown & then the friend I was going with broke a tooth just hour's before the show, so I had to be hawking it for him right up minutes before showtime...so I was in no shape to try & get the set list here... though I easily sauntered up to about 3-5 people deep in, front & center right as the show started...

The main news...the biggest being the second performance of "Pigeons" (one of my requests), which is a total fave of mine from the new album...though "Honey Combed" got dropped tonight & that may actually be my fave on the new album, at least as of now.
"Why Why Why" is just great & it happily found it's way aboard tonight. At this point "Love Like A Wire" is both now a staple of the early first half set list & a total highlight too(love to hear that original demo someday too though)...

"One Wing" & "Reservations" were great deeper cut, less done acoustic numbers (read about "Secrets Of The Sea" from the other night too...) & I'm always as moved as thrilled when "Please Tell My Brother" shows up too...
Another night of starting the encores with the great "Please Don't Let Me Be So Misunderstood" (Jeff just sang vocals on it, while Jim & Liam bashed it away on matching sunburst Jazzmasters)... "Only The Lord Knows" continues to absolutely smoke, & the thrill of "Give Back The Key To My Heart" into "California Stars" too...followed by the end of stage, less miked beauty of "Acuff-Rose"...

In no order...from what I can recall 31 songs it looks like (since I know I missing at least one acoustic song & it was a great deeper cut track too)...14 songs? from the first section
Nobody Dies Anymore
New Moon
World Away
Summer Noon
High As Hello
Desert Bell
Why Why Why
Love Like A Wire
Diamond Light
Fake Fur Coat
Low Key

second section, again in no order & I'm about to pass out...more than these 12 songs?, but I can't recall & that's sad, because it really was such a compelling performance...oh well until the official one comes out- at least one I'm missing & right on the tip of my memory banks too...
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
One Wing
Please Tell My Brother
Passenger Side
Shot In The Arm
The Ruling Class
I'm the Man Who Loves You
Jesus Etc.
New Madrid

Please Don't Let Me Be So Misunderstood
Only The Lord Knows
Give Back The Key To My Heart
California Stars

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Fantastic news! This was such a fun show to be at.


Unrelated note: venue is Town Ballroom not Town Hall

Maybe someone can correct that...thanks for catching it... I put the thread up late at night & was pretty tired... Town Hall, at the least the one I know, is in NYC...must of have been where the glitch occurred for me...

Great show & so glad to have it as a Roadcase!!

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