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Alpha Mike Foxtrot

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I'm glad the vinyl omits the live tracks. There are some great live performances on those B-sides but I really don't like them removed from their context. It's the vinyl for me.

This also makes me hold out hope for some unreleased stuff in the future, since there really aren't tracks on this set that haven't been released in some form (unless I missed something). I absolutely loved Pearl Jam's "Lost Dogs" compilation, and while this isn't really a mix of released and unreleased, it looks pretty darn good.

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"Alpha Mike Foxtrot features 64 pages of liner notes that include track-by-track recollections from Tweedy, notes by band members Nels Cline and John Stirratt, and reflections from members of Wilco’s extended professional family. The booklet also showcases dozens of archival and never-before-seen photos from a wide array of photographers chronicling all phases of the band’s career.




Wilco appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, October 27."



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KT vinyl added:


Another Man's Done Gone

How to Fight Loneliness



Just a Kid


Outtasite (Outta Mind)

I'm a Wheel


What I find odd is that some of these are included (Another Man's Done Gone, How to Fight Loneliness, Theologians, I'm a Wheel) and some are not (Kamera, Just a Kid, Monday, Outtasite (Outta Mind))

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Considering less than half of the tracks are non-album tracks, I think a more coherent release would've been a 2-disc collection of those and a judicious selection of demos. 


Luckily, that's what the vinyl release is (though they did drop one or two). Now if I can justify paying more than $50 for it... 

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Just came across this on Amazon. I wonder if Jeff was influenced by this, or if it's just coincidental.

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Apologies and a thousand lashes if this has been asked 100x and is clearly indicated in whatever obvious spot I haven't looked yet. Do the LPs come with a digital download? Thanks/sorry.


Yes, from what I understand the vinyl comes with a digital download of ALL the tracks from the box set..including the live cuts.

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This might have already been covered, but did anyone notice they spelled "Kamera" with a C and not a K on the tracklist:

DISC 3: I’m The Man Who Loves You (live) / The Good Part / Cars Can’t Escape / Camera / Handshake Drugs (First Version) / A Magazine Called Sunset

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