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Winterlude at the Riv 12/5, 12/6, 12/8, 12/9, 12/11 and 12/12

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I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day who was remarking that she came to her first Tweedy solo show at the Vic alone and went back home telling her friends that she felt she had finally found her tribe. Sometimes there's a real benefit in going to shows alone, unless you're very reserved. You make new friends who can relate to this niche interest you have.

I've been to countless shows "alone". There were several years that I just sorta kept to myself but in recent years I've met some new friends. I never feel like I'm going alone any longer! Hope to see you guys at at least some of the shows. Wish they had a package deal so I could justify this to my wife! Did they announce the 5 ticket package for the Winter Residency? If I recall that was a bit of a surprise at sale time, could be wrong though.

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Is there going to be a way to buy tickets for all 6 nights?  We were able to buy the 5 night package for the last residency and hope to do the same thing this time!

I'm thinking possibly. On the etix site, only days 2-6 are shown. On jam, there is one anomoly with the first night page, no "remind me when tickets go on sale!" email field at top like the rest of the nights. That may be nothing but the fact that etix doesn't show the first night may indicate that a package will be available through the jam site. Wishful thinking, probably. Does anyone remember if they announced the Winter Residency 5 ticket package before hand? I'm thinking that was a surprise when I got the tickets. We'll see what happens. I know there's probably one day I can't make it but if I could get a package, it would leave options open and be a much easier purchase. I'm going to look at night 1 first just in case.

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Not so bad. I got three tickets....Friday, Monday and Friday. I think that is enough......good luck all.


Honestly people, there are going to be plenty of tickets floating around for these shows.  It always happens.



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Well a big sigh of relief.  We got in for nights 1, 5, & 6.  It's not the same as getting the full 6 night package - which I would have preferred and loved for the original residency. But it is the bare minimum.  At least we didn't get shut out - like for the incredible shrinking residency. 

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Yes, keep trying. I just finished with two for each night. I can't remember. the Riv. has balcony seating only right?


Yes, the floor is all standing room, though it does have at least 2 tiers at different levels for standing, and the balcony is all seated.  It has seen better days, but it's pretty big.  Not sure how many peeps can fit in there.

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