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Tweedy Glasgow 29th January 2015

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I work for a company with a large office in Glasgow so have been up there a couple of times. Unfortunately that is all coming to an end as we've been swallowed up by Standard Life, so I don't think I can wangle a visit in January.


Here's hoping the celtic connection leads to a show in Wales at some point.

And if you want sexy . . .



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^thanks for the vids!


I fear I misread Tweedy when talking about TJ: what he did say is (Google Translate):


"If there is something revolutionary about Wilco is the idea that we give a shit to be mature. There something sensational to discover that you are not overwhelmed by the anger of youth. That all or anything, this tendency to dismiss the portion of humanity that leads minivans or listen to Tom Jones.



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Becoming more of a tour?




Edit: To answer my own question - Barcelona a couple of days later, so more UK shows look unlikely?

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