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Wilco 10/28/14 Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY

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Amazing show at a beautiful venue. Really great setlist. Here's what was played:


Wilco 10/28/14 Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY


Wilco (the song)

I must be high

You are my face

Shouldn't be ashamed

At least that's what you said

Handshake drugs

Side with the seeds


Sunken treasure


Muzzle of bees

Spiders (kidsmoke) (acoustic)

She's a jar

War on war

Magazine called sunset


On and on and on

How to fight loneliness


Country disappeared

Hate it here



Dawned on me

Shot in the arm


Encore 1:


I'm a wheel


Encore 2:*

Too far apart

Casino queen

Give back the key to my heart (Doug sahm cover)


*performed partially without PA

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Banter notes:
Jeff made fun of one the one guy in GA who was holding up a lighter. If it was the whole crowd it would have been OK, but one lighter is like one sarcastic clap. He chided the fellow on his age - first thinking he was 19 and didn't know better, then 27 and should have known, and then I think the guy said he was 22 - just starting to understand how things work, Jeff suggested. 


Jeff asked the crowd if we were going to all three nights. The crowd did not respond loudly and Jeff asked why not. Someone said to the effect of "Don't charge so much." Jeff said the band has been around twenty years and that the tickets are not that expensive. And, they can charge what they want because they are the best (which he said was an inside joke, they don't really believe that). After the next song Jeff corrected himself and said "OK, our tickets are 66 and 96, that is expensive. Even I wouldn't pay 96 dollars."


I don't know if something happened in Hummingbird, but I thought Jeff said something about not playing it that way again, and into On and On and On he said he never wants to play guitar again (those two songs feature Jeff sans guitar).


Kingpin was initially "living in Port Chester" but the rest of the song was "Living in Long Island" (that part of Westchester County is referred to as the Long Island Sound, and it rhymed).


I thought this would have been a great Night 3 setlist. Can't wait to see what they think will top it. Really enjoyed Promising, Country Disappeared, Magazine Called Sunset, and the 2nd encore.

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The choices of songs set the tone for a mostly rocking night.

I'm grateful they wanted to come out of the gate with so much for a night 1.

3) observations Jeff counted off a song to start reminded me of Springsteen and I liked it also be played guitar very well tonight.

It was my first time since 08 they did not play Impossible Germany / not a complaint for it could have been played at a cost of Shot in the Arm and man that Song lit up the Band and the Audience.

Overall the sound on the floor / between Nels & Jeff was well balanced.


Till next time ...

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Late one last night, well worth the trip down from Boston / anyone else making it definitely take CT 15

Back to show ..

Am I right that there was no announced song request ?

Still High on the Show Seeing Tweedy at Berklee was Very Good.

Seeing them altogether is Tremendous!

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Last night was really, really a night to remember.  My requests for the show were Wilco the song in the comment section I put "Because Wilco does love me baby!"  Pot Kettle Black and Hotel Arizona. The first 7 songs were a whirlwind. The SG's were out in full force and in some ways the song list made me feel like we were back in 2007. I had never caught On and on and on and it was tearful to say the least to watch Jeff animated as he was during it.  A balanced show with sprinklings or everything except a lot of Whole Love love. See y'all tonight!

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I've got tix for tonight and tomorrow and can't wait.  Bringing my younger sister tomorrow for her Wilco initiation - shes' gonna love this.  I haven't seen them do On and On since they closed the main set with it in New Haven in 2008, my 13 year-old daughter's personal request when we met Jeff while he was out jogging that afternoon.  Just beyond beautiful.  Would love to hear that again.

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I've got tix for tonight and tomorrow and can't wait.  Bringing my younger sister tomorrow for her Wilco initiation - shes' gonna love this.  I haven't seen them do On and On since they closed the main set with it in New Haven in 2008, my 13 year-old daughter's personal request when we met Jeff while he was out jogging that afternoon.  Just beyond beautiful.  Would love to hear that again.

Yes the only time I saw On and On was at that New Haven show. I have always regretted not buying the poster. Recently communicated with the artist who was willing to sell me one of two proofs that he had but it was $250. Wife and I were at that one and we are going tonight as well, just the two of us. All the other shows have been with one or more of our kids. Looking forward to it. Love this theater!!!!

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Can anyone that went to the show last night provide any info on seating for general admission tickets?  Was there a long wait to get into the theater?  We're leaving straight from work and weren't sure if we'd have time to grab food beforehand if we wanted a reasonable spot.  


Can't wait!

We left Central Jersey at 4:30 and miraculously were at the Theater at 5:45. We ate right next door at the Mexican Restaurant and line at 6:50 PM was very short to get in. I went in at 7:05 and got posters 34-35 so line was not crazy to go in. No seats at all for general admission. We stood 30 feet back from Nels and room was reasonable between people. the Theater workers were really really nice from my experience. See ya there and have a great time!

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Yes, the ushers are really nice. The security though, a bit overboard. Stupidly, the venue sell snacks and pizza in the lobby, which you can go in and out of, but they check tickets after the lobby, instead of at the actual front door. I went in and out of the lobby once and got yelled at for not showing my wristband when I returned into the venue/merch area, which everyone has to pass through - I didn't have a wristband because I was sitting upstairs and therefore wasn't given one in the first place. And then the ticket-checker said, angrily, "Who marked your ticket?!?" Uh, the guy who let me in earlier? I find it to set a very unwelcoming vibe actually. But the ushers, yes, very nice and willing to share info about the place, their personal stories, etc.


Strangely, you go to other places that have basically no security (no pat downs/bag checks etc), such as the Tarrytown Music Hall or the Collingswood Masonic Temple, and the crowd behaves extraordinarily well. I'll take them over the Cap anyday.

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One of the better shows i've seen in a while, got there pretty late so i was back by the soundboard/lightboard, but got a good look at the setlist (tried not to cheat before the end of the show but it was hard to resist), everything was played as listed. 


Room sounded great, and the band was really on. Only exception being Nels flubbing the solo at the end of Hummingbird very noticeably, which caused Jeff to remark "Well, you'll never hear it exactly like that again. Favorite moment was the little bit of "banter" between Nels and Jeff in the middle of Kingpin, where Jeff would ask Nels a question and answer with his guitar. 4 songs i've never seen Wilco play before (Promising, HTFL, Country Disappeared, Key to my Heart), so that's always good. Also haven't gotten to hear enough of At Least that's what you've said, only the 3rd time i can remember seeing it in the 20 or so shows i've seen.


Very excited for nights 2 and 3! Hoping the band finally decides to play Spiders the way it was meant to be heard, 12 minutes long with electric guitars

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My recording of this set is now up for stream and MP3/FLAC download at nyctaper:http://www.nyctaper.com/2014/10/wilco-october-28-2014-capitol-theatre-flacmp3streaming-full-set/




Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY USA


Exclusive download hosted at nyctaper.com
Recorded and produced by acidjack


Schoeps MK5c+MK8 (M-S, at SBD, slightly ROC)>KCY>Z-PFA>Sound Devices USBPre2>Sony PCM-D50>24bit/48kHz WAV>Voxengo MSED (decode M-S)>Adobe Audition CS 5.5 (adjust levels, fades, compression)>Izotope Ozone 5 (light EQ, light effects)>Audacity 2.0.5 (tracking, fades, amplify, balance, downsample, dither)>FLAC ( level 8 )


Tracks [Total Time 2:22:15]

01 Wilco (The Song)
02 I Must Be High
03 You Are My Face
04 Shouldn’t Be Ashamed
05 At Least That’s What You Said
06 Handshake Drugs
07 Side With the Seeds
08 Promising
09 Sunken Treasure
10 Reservations
11 Muzzle of Bees
12 Spiders (Kidsmoke)
13 [banter]
14 She’s A Jar
15 War on War
16 Magazine Called Sunset
17 Hummingbird
18 On and On and On
19 How to Fight Loneliness
20 Kamera
21 [banter2]
22 Country Disappeared
23 Hate It Here
24 Theologians
25 Monday
26 Dawned On Me
27 Shot In the Arm
28 [encore break]
29 Kingpin
30 I’m A Wheel
31 [encore break 2]
32 Too Far Apart*
33 Casino Queen *
34 Give Me Back the Key To My Heart [Doug Sahm]*

* performed semi-amplified

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i lost track of how many wilco shows i have seen a long time ago, but last night's show in portchester is the reason why i keep going.  The energy and tightness of the band was amazing.  I had assumed a bit of sloppiness given jeff's focus on the TWEEDY project recently.  but boy was I wrong.


the highlights for me were sunken treasure, which rocked (no acoustic/harmonica), and spiders.


Also, it felt like a bit of the old days - maybe a show from the AGIB tour with all the selections from that album.  Handshake drugs, hummingbird, I'm a wheel, theologians, spiders, at least that's what you said...  I love Jeff's guitar playing on that album, and especially on ALTWYS.  didn't disappoint last night.


Also, Warner, if you see this, always a nice treat to run into you at a show.  hope all is well.

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