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Love for Susie

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Didn't see a thread on here, but Sue's been pretty active updating her progress on Facebook. She just came through some pretty deep surgery and is resting at home. Can't hurt to show her some love here too. Hope you feel better soon, Ms Sue

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Lady Wilco, I happy to to speak!. Olsen say sauna door is always opening if you have the necessity. Ha ha!

I cannot take a fence to this since if you have something good for your lady gander, then it is likely also good for your gander, as we say in Sweden.




P.S. In mean time I give you speedy recovery with pic boost!




P.P.S. Also pine for sure!


P.P.P.S. Pic is public version above. If you prefer version with bulging visible for the oggle moment then send PM.

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Thanks guys! And for the record, I do like being called Susie. I prefer it over Sue, but I will answer to both as well as other variations of my real name...Susan. 


Wishing you only the best thoughts.  Milwaukee loves you!

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Cancer is The Worst, Susie is The Bestest.

If anyone can kick cancer's ass it's her.


Also, is it bad to say I'm a bigger fan of Susie's than Jeff's?

As a kid who grew up in Chicago and couldn't manage to sneak into Lounge Ax with a baby face and a fake ID, to me she'll always be the biggest rock star in the Tweedy family.

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