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Wilco — 12/6/14, Chicago, IL (Riviera Theatre) [Winterlude Night 2]

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I know tonight's show was broadcast live on the radio — by the way, can anyone who was listening say whether they bleeped Jeff when he said "shitty" at one point? I was curious — but for posterity's sake, here was the complete setlist as played:


Less Than You Think>

Ashes Of American Flags ($6.53)

Bull Black Nova

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart>

One Wing

Panthers (full band debut)

Blue-Eyed Soul

I'll Fight

Poor Places>

Art Of Almost

I Might

Radio Cure

At My Window Sad and Lonely

Secret of the Sea

What Light

Hesitating Beauty

Box Full of Letters

The Late Greats

The Good Part

Jesus, etc.

Born Alone


A Shot in the Arm


Dark Neon (full band debut)

Red-Eyed and Blue>

I Got You (At The End of the Century)


True Love Will Find You In The End* [Daniel Johnston]

Give Back The Key To My Heart* [Doug Sahm]

Be Not So Fearful* [bill Fay]

I'm The Man Who Loves You*


* — performed hootenanny style with Jeff and John on acoustic guitars, Nels on dobro, Mikael on melodica/acoustic guitar, Pat on banjo and Glenn on percussion

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Listening in on the radio both panthers and dark neon were so well performed you would never think they first full band debuts but with this band any height is obtainable! Who was ripping though leads on acoustic during im the man? Nels was on dobro so was it john or jeff? In portchester john was slinging 12 string. Would someone let us know? I ask because they were ripping through that tune with a fervor.

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for reports.

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that was some good wilco.  was a bit disappointed to see the Poor Places/Art of Almost/I Might combo show up so soon after Milwaukee, especially since we got art of Almost on Friday too, but they really dug deep for the rest of the show, which was great. 

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I listened on the radio -- there was one instance, I believe between the Late Greats and the Good Part where Jeff was mid-sentence and suddenly his banter cut out and the next song started. I figured they censored that part. 

You're not talking about the part where he was giving Glenn shit for starting songs while he was talking (so Glenn went ahead and did just that)?

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What a great show. The progression of the set I thought was awesome. What I see as the more tight, clinical, edgier (but super awesome) selections on the front end, moving to the campfire jam of "Be Not So Fearful" and a sweet dedication to Sue ITMWLY to wrap... Whew. Not much of a cryer, but...


And Panthers. Didn't know til now it was a first, but it was a standout to me. God, Glenn is good.

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Great show.  Love the Riv atmosphere.  Hadn't been there in a while.  I thought the sound was really good.  Couldn't convince anyone to join me, so I flew solo.  After listening to Ashes/Bull Black Nova/I Am Trying to Break Your Heart back-to-back-to-back on the radio, my brother texted me and said how amazing it sounded.  In my text I simply agreed with him.  In my head I was saying, "I tried to tell you…"

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I have been dreaming of a live full-band Dark Neon since the actual first time I heard the song, so I'm incredibly happy to have been there for its debut. The second encore was really something special, too. Looking forward to finding out what else is in store.

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The sound on the radio kicked ass.  Really great show.



It really was! Enjoyed it immensely.

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listening  to the etree radio torrent now. Nice sound great show.


My daughter attended and has seen Wilco 3-4 times. Said she enjoyed but with so many songs she was not familiar with made show not as good for her. I explained she got quite a treat or rarities and never played songs !!!!!


She would have enjoyed night one by looking at setlist. This show just didn't have her favorite tunes.


They were in balcony with great sight lines to band etc. and sound was great as light show. Overall she was glad she went and over time will come to appreciate something unique that most bands will never do!!!!


Will be fun to see rest of the set lists as they set a good precedent with Nights 1 & 2.

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Kinda bummed I missed so much of this broadcast, but what I did get to hear was really good. I was waiting to pick up my wife from work when it started, so I got to hear Less Than You Think, Ashes Of American Flags, Bull Black Nova, IATTBYH and One Wing. But then on our ride home I missed from Panthers (!) on, then tuned back in again at home to catch Radio Cure and At My Window, Hesitating Beauty, Box Full of Letters, The Late Greats & The Good Part. Would love to have heard Dark Neon, True Love Will Find You and Give Back The Key To My Heart. Hope they do some epic sets like these for Solid Sound next year, as I don't think I will get a Wilco fix until then.

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Last Saturday seems so long ago, but looking over the setlist reminds me--I want to do this one again! The surprise of hearing the opening notes of Dark Neon--shit! I hope they perform that more regularly because it's a great rocker. And watching Glenn's drumming on Panthers was incredible. I hadn't seen the full band in over a year, so every song was a treat and surprise. Secret of the Sea has never been on my list of favorites, but it recruited me tonight. The harmonies are so beautiful, and the band is unbelievably tight. (It's almost like they've been doing this for 20 years.) Beautiful hootenanny, too.

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