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Tweedy - Vicar St, Dublin 28/01/15

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Great show in Dublin. I was at the Leuven gig and really enjoyed it, but this was better. Fully seated suited as you could really get into the Tweedy set, and then focus on Jeff's solo set.

Wilco have played Vicar St, usually 2 sold out nights each time over the last few years and Jeff played solo a few yrs ago so they clearly like the venue. 


Jeff was in great form, lots of talk of jet lag, feeling like he was dreaming. Seeing a guy on Grafton St with a little doppelganger - some sort of performer - that freaked Jeff out. Spencers hand was bleeding - cue Jeff with "want me to kiss it better" "do you need a band aid" jokes.

Band certainly didn't seem rusty after the break. They closed with California Stars, as Jeff remarked, recorded in Dublin.


Setlist I'm rough on but opened with...

Nobody Dies Anymore. 


Fake Fur Coat

Diamond Light

...after that I'm rough but Summer Noon etc was there and Low Key was the last song before the break.


Encore was

Please Dont Let Me Bo So...

You are Not Alone

Give Back the Key to...

California Stars


Some of the songs Jeff played solo - IATTBYH, One Wing, You and I, Born Alone, Be Not So Fearful, Please Tell My Brother, Via Chicago


Over all the definitely one of the best shows I've seen Jeff at - including Wilco gigs.

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Hi. My first time posting here prompted a real treat last night. They were in great form. I'd seen them in London but this was better I think. Cracking version of Diamond Light among others and the solo set was brilliant. My Dad said, "It's hard to beat one man and a guitar when it's that good".


Jeff's banter with the audience was very funny and included criticising their "amateur whistling" and inviting us all to boo them as the band weren't "needy".


Venue is super but was nowhere near sold out which made last night that bit more intimate. I've been to two great sold out and fairly raucous Wilco gigs in this venue before and hoping they come over again soon. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere but this article was in yesterday's Irish Times. Some mention of new Wilco album at the end...



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The Wilco set lists page suggests this show to have had a really short set compared to previous Tweedy shows and the one played last night in Glasgow.


Updated setlist info thanks to upload on Dime.


Tweedy Band 

01. Nobody Dies Anymore 
02. Hazel 
03. Fake Fur Coat 
04. Diamond light Pt. 1 
05. Flowering 
06. Summer Noon 
07. World Away 
08. Grafton St banter 
09. New Moon 
10. Pigeons (with false start) 
11. Desert Bell 
12. Banter-Band Intro 
13. High As hello 
14. Banter 
15. Wait for love 
16. Banter - Intro to Diane Izzo cover 
17. Love Like A Wire (Diane Izzo) 
18. Banter 
19. Low Key 
Jeff Solo 
20. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 
21. One Wing 
22. Remember The Mountain Bed 
23. You And I 
24. Hummingbird 
25. Banter 
26. Born Alone 
27. Jesus Etc. 
28. Banter - Bono's full Name 
29. Please Tell My Brother 
30. Be Not So Fearful 
31. Jeff Takes Requests 
32. Via Chicago 
33. I'm The Man Who Loves You 
Encores with Tweedy Band 
34. Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood 
35. Only The lord Knows 
36. Mavis Staples Song Intro 
37. You Are Not Alone 
38. Jeff Compliments us 
39. Give Back The Key To My Heart 
40. More Jeff Banter 
41. California Stars

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This was my third show on the Tweedy tour so far. I brought non-wilco fan friends along to each show (some because they lived in the town where I needed a place to stay). And brought six pals to this one, in our own city. They teased me that they were coming along to witness my mania. Ha! Even though most of them have been coerced to accompany me to Wilco shows in the past, there was something so charismatic and charming about seeing Mr Tweedy perform solo that has turned them into superfans. One of them tagged Spencer in a post show Instagram photo and Spencer wrote back. She was thrilled. It was such a lovely lovely evening. (Helped that we got seats at n the very front.)


Can't wait for Wilco to come back to Dublin. So happy. Heart so full.

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