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TWEEDY - 3/22/15 Los Angeles CA - Theatre at Ace Hotel

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Well I'm just through the door tonight and thoroughly exhausted, but let me just say, AMAZING show tonight, and I can't wipe the smile off my face! I'll let someone who's had more sleep give you more details, I just wanted to say THANK YOU, Tweedy, for a terrific set yet again. Much better crowd tonight, mostly people were in their seats on time and appreciative and seemed to know the songs more than last night's audience...no outbreaks of applause at some of the songs' "false endings", which kind of stepped on the final lines last night. Jeff had some fun ragging on the previous night's lame audience, haha. :lol

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Well, by the sounds of it, this was definitely a "second night's always better than the first" sort of situation, so I'm glad that if I could only make it to one of the two shows in LA, that this was the one. The Theatre at Ace Hotel is a beautifully restored old 1,600-capacity venue from the 1920s that was the former flagship movie palace of United Artists, but beyond aesthetics, the real jewel of the place is the sound system. They've definitely put resources toward that, seemingly, and it makes a significant difference; I've been to some similarly beautiful old theaters where the acoustics are lacking. (Here's a good piece on the restoration of the venue, with some pretty amazing photos.)


I can't speak to the quality or lack thereof of the crowd the first night (Jeff said at one point last night, referring to LA, "This is a weird place; you know that, right?" and proceeded to briefly rehash the Shirley Temple period story from Night 1) but last night the audience was generally a good one, if maybe a bit too LA until the end. I mean, it's an industry town in a plush, seated theater so things are relative, but the energy level definitely seemed to rise by the end of the solo set and then the full band return — though only a few of us actually remained standing for Only The Lord Knows, which is about as funky as this band gets. The encore applause was pretty weak around me — it's a pet peeve of mine when people don't even applaud or otherwise make some noise to indicate they'd like to hear more — but then there was a bit of a stage rush and that made for a pretty rousing end to the show.


At any rate, as to the show itself, this was probably the best solo set I've seen Jeff do on this run. He seemed a little more willing to go beyond some of usual suspects and it sounded great. Maybe it helped that he had some more friends in the house, with Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig from Lucius turning up to sing on Jesus, etc., and California Stars. The violinist Jessy Greene was also in the house, having performed almost the entire opening set with the Minus 5; it was a bit surprising she didn't make an appearance during the Tweedy band set.


During God, Jeff said, "Susie and me," and it's always great when she's able to be in the audience during these shows. It wasn't a perfect performance of the song — I think Liam Cunningham flubbed a chord on keyboard, causing Jeff to glance back at him amusingly — and afterward Jeff cracked, "That was my Star Search audition," adding, "It didn't go well."


More from Banter Corner included Jeff introducing Scott McCaughey before the California Stars finale by saying that he had also played on the Sukierae record even though he didn't change his last name to Tweedy. "He is married to my wife, though," Jeff joked. (Incidentally, I think last night may have been the first time that everyone who performed on Sukierae had been on stage together at once, so that was fun.)


Anyway, here was the complete setlist as played for Night 2 at the Ace:



Fake Fur Coat>

Diamond Light, Pt. 1


World Away

Wait For Love#

Summer Noon

Nobody Dies Anymore*

New Moon*

High As Hello*

Love Like A Wire* [Diane Izzo]

Low Key*

You Are Not Alone*

Via Chicago^

One By One^

Please Tell My Brother^


One Wing^

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart^

Lost Love^

I Got You (At The End of the Century)^ ("This Is 40" arrangement)

We've Been Had^

Whole Love^

Jesus, etc.^$

Born Alone^

Heavy Metal Drummer@

Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood

Only The Lord Knows*


God [John Lennon]

The Losing End (When You're On)* [Neil Young]

California Stars^^


* — with Sima Cunningham on backing vocals

^ — Jeff Tweedy solo acoustic

# — with Sima Cunningham on backing vocals and Scott McCaughey on keyboard and backing vocals

@ — Jeff and Spencer Tweedy only

$ — with Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius on backing vocals

^^ — with Sima Cunningham, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig on backing vocals and Scott McCaughey on keyboard and backing vocals

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And here was The Minus 5 setlist as played, for our friends keeping track:


Hold Down The Fort

It's Beautiful Here

The History You Hate

I'm Not Bitter*

There Is No Music*

In The Ground*

The Zero Clowns*

The Days Of Wine And Booze*^

Aw Shit Man*^

My Generation*^


* — with Jessy Greene on violin

^ — with Liam Cunningham on keyboard

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I was fortunate to attend both shows. The highlight for me was "Remember my Mountain bed" I have never seen him play that song live before. I was completely floored by the ease at which Jeff performed this very difficult and lyrically challenging song without a glitch. Add to the fact that the emotional depth at which Jeff played it I was completely blown away.  

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I was fortunate to attend both shows. The highlight for me was "Remember my Mountain bed" I have never seen him play that song live before. I was completely floored by the ease at which Jeff performed this very difficult and lyrically challenging song without a glitch. Add to the fact that the emotional depth at which Jeff played it I was completely blown away.  


Totally agree, it was beautiful and intimate and so powerful!

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I wasn't originally going to this show, but am so glad I ended up there.  I was at work on Sunday and my fiancee sent me asking if there's any particular reason we were not going to the 2nd Tweedy show that night because she was thinking of finding us tickets and going again (needless to say, this girl is completely awesome).  We ended up getting some great seats from the How To Fight Lonliness section of the board from user resistwaves - Thank You So Much!


Everyone seems really down about the Saturday show - I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  What can I say, I think the weird shows are great (Santa Barbara 2013 solo show anyone?)  But overall I just thought the band played so well and it sounded wonderful in that room - Also Saturday night had Give Back The Key To My Heart and it's hard to top that.


This show was also really excellent though.  The solo set was seriously just aweosme.  So much energy.  Loved getting to hear We've Been Had for the first time - and One By One!  Before The Whole Love, Jeff said something to the effect of how he "had played the song the night before and he doesn't want to repeat too many songs, but come on - this is a great f'n tune."  I couldn't agree more.  Great to hear Born Alone too.  Also - the performance of Hummingbird was among the finest solo live performances I've heard Jeff give.  No lyric flubs and he really seems to have the whistle solo at the end all nailed down.  It was really fun to see Jeff play HMD with Spencer - He mentioned Spencer attempting the song in the IATTBYH documentary and said that Spencer finally learned the song after all these years, so now they were going to play it.


Security was really tough on people trying to stand during the show on Sunday night.  The first night Jeff commented on how there was a standing guy down front to the left side of the audience by where I was sitting.  He commended the guy on his standing and commended the security for not making him sit down.  This was not the case on Sunday night.  I tried standing off to the side to not be intrusive a few times, as well as just standing and dancing in my seat when I just couldn't hold it in any longer and security repeatedly told me I need to remain in my seat.  Some people behind me left during Heavy Metal Drummer and we were able to stand and dance at that point - from then on more people were standing/dancing and the rush toward the front happened sometime during Only The Lord Knows - then it was a party.


Great to see Donna/Kidsmoke down at the front at the end of the show!  Always nice to run into you!

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That's kind of a "boring" setlist relative to some of the others on this run, in that for the solo portion other printed lists I've seen have had amusing phrases in place of the word "Solo."


Portland, for instance, had "Sublime Story Telling." And San Diego had, "Madam Butterfly." I think it's just a way for the crew to have a bit of fun with Jeff and the band... :lol

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Hey Muzzle of Dan! I was just looking at this thread again and realized that I'd done that thing where you thought-answer somebody, but only do it in your mind and later realize that you never actually really did it. So embarrassing. :blush So let me say now what I thought I already had, which is that it was so fun to see you again and share that terrific edge-of-stage finale with you and your lovely lady. Did she ever manage to snag a setlist?

See you next time around! :wave


I agree with you about the shows, too...despite the terminally-seated L.A. crowd, I had a fantastic time at both nights.

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