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5 Fave Songs from a Fave Band

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In honour of Ryan Adams new record (which still has not arrived for me) I now present, my 5 favourite Ryan Adams songs. Spoiler: they're going to mostly all be from Cold Roses AKA his best album:


Sweet Illusions

Let it Ride

If I Am A Stranger

Cold Roses

The Hardest Part 

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The men don't know but the little girls understand?




Shouldn't it be: "Certain men have known for centuries and let's leave little girls out of this?" Doesn't have the same ring to it. 

Apparently, it was a song originally recorded by Howlin' Wolf with Otis Spahn, Willie Dixon and a couple others. Didn't know that.

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1.  One Big Holiday

2.  Lay Low

3.  Dancefloors

4.  Mahgeetah

5.  The Way He sings




MMJ is my all-time fav. Tough to choose but I'd go (based as much upon life performances as studio versions):


1. Steam Engine

2. Phone Went West

3. I Will Sing You Songs

4. One Big Holiday

5. Picture of You

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I am pretty sure I haven't tackled the Flaming Lips yet


Turn it On

Gingerale Afternoon

Bad Days

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

Race for the Prize

Pretty similar to mine, but I would have "Pilot Can at the Queer of God" in there somewhere.

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Flaming Lips


Unconciously Screamin'

One Millionth Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning

Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles

Halloween On The Barbary Coast

Race For The Prize

Pyschatric would also be in my top 10 great stuff!

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Stevie Wonder

  • Sir Duke
  • Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Do-Da-Day
  • Living For the City
  • I Wish
  • Pasttime Paradise
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hüsker dü


Something I Learned Today

New Day Rising

Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill

Chartered Trips

It's Not Peculiar

No "Flip Your Wig"?


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  • Ginger Kang Kang
  • Here Comes the Man With the Plucked-Out Eyes
  • Mermaid In My Coffee Cup
  • Blue Ambulance
  • Hemophiliac of Love
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