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5 Fave Songs from a Fave Band

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Radiohead (I may have done this before)


My Iron Lung

Paranoid Android


Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Pyramid Song



Bob Dylan


Visions of Johana

Corrine, Corrina

Mr. Tambourine Man


Girl From the North Country (Freewheelin Version)



PJ Harvey


Big Exit

A Perfect Day Elise

White Chalk

C'mon Billy

Who the Fuck?

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Gordon Lightfoot, just saw him last night

Ten Degrees and Getting Colder
Did She Mention My Name?
Summer Side of Life

Race Among The Ruins

Carefree Highway


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Circus Devils

War Horsies

In Madonna's Gazebo

A Birdcage Until Further Notice

Apparent the Red Angus

Bam Bam Bam



M. Ward

Big Boat

Fool Says

I'll Be Your Bird

To Save Me

Flaming Heart


Foo Fighters


I'll Stick Around


Cold Day in the Sun

This Is a Call


Buffalo Tom




Your Stripes



Soul Asylum

Sometime to Return

Veil of Tears

Easy Street

Without a Trace


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Grateful Dead

Mississippi Half Step/Uptown Toodaloo



Box of Rain

Samson and Delilah

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I'm not sure I could ever do this...though, admittedly, I've probably tried before.

Can I count Scarlet>Fire as one song?

I am!


1. Dark Star

2. China Cat > I Know You Rider

3. Bird Song

4. Scarlet > Fire

5. Morning Dew


Not sure how Eyes of the World and Brokedown Palace didn't make the list ...

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You see, I'm not a big Deadhead. (Just a Deadhead by marriage, as I like to say.)

So it wasn't all that hard for me.

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