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Is it in poor taste (signed album)

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So I'm trying to get a bit of a collection of signed records by my favorite bands. So far it's very low key with the Heartless Bastards, Wintersleep and The National.


Wilco would absoutely be the gold standard for me being my favorite band.


With that said, if I were to try and get a record signed by the band, is it in poor taste if it's an older album?


With the current lineup all I have on vinyl is the Whole Love, which got kind of beat up, and Kicking Television, which would be awesome, but it's so thick I don't know what I'd do with it afterwards.


I feel like it'd be weird getting an album done by the older lineup signed by the newer lineup.


Am I overthinking this?

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Wintersleep :thumbup




That was awesome, they were playing a small bar in Chicago and I talked to the band after they finished loading up their van. Really nice guys and they seemed geniunely surprised that only did someeone want them to sign something, but that I had Welcome to the Night Sky on vinyl ha.


Really hope they head back to the area again.

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JT signed a Son Volt ticket for me after a show. I will get a Wilco ticket signed by JF one day. Well I hope he will. JT said "I don't want to mess it up" and I say "your not, cause you wouldn't have one without the other"....


The guys have always been nice and cool when signing stuff...

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