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Wilco — 5/3/15, Memphis, TN (Tom Lee Park) [Beale Street Music Festival]

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I know Jody Stephens typically sits in when Wilco plays in Memphis and he's in town and I know they usually play Box Full Of Letters and In The Street, but I'm still interested to hear how this most recent convergence of Big Star and Wilco went (as well as the rest of the show), so c'mon Memphians and/or travelers! :guitar By all accounts, it was beautiful day to be outside and I was bummed to miss this one...


Fwiw, Jody posted on his Facebook just now:


One of the best things about sittin in with Wilco is watching their performance unfold before...the vantage point is a big plus. A lot of soul and art in each one of them. One of the best live mixes I've ever heard too!

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I was there and it was phenomenal!  As you stated, the weather was outstanding and the band sounded great. Most impressive were the vocals.  Jeff's voice was in fine timbre and the backing vocals were the best I've ever heard from them live. Further, John killed it on "In the Street" with Pat adding gorgeous harmonies.  I saw a number of folks visibly impressed with their cover of a well-known Memphis classic.  Jody on the drums didn't add any sloppiness like they were finding their way through the songs; they sounded tight with him behind the kit.  I'm not one of those people who write down setlists so hopefully someone else got it, but we got Magazine, Camera, New Madrid, Secret of the Sea as far as rarities go.


If i were to complain about anything it would just be the short set.  I attribute that to it being a festival and an early Sunday curfew.


All in all a fun night.

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Definitely agree on John finding his inner Chilton, he sounded great. Opened with IATTBYH, and it was great to see Via Chicago/Camera/Magazine.


After they played Dark Neon, Jeff mentioned "That's probably the last Japanese B-side of the night...". He seemed to be in very good spirits, solid performance.

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Setlist (thanks to my son's investigative skills)



Art of Almost


Company In My Back

Handshake Drugs


Via Chicago

New Madrid

Secret of the Sea


I'm the Man


I Got You


Born Alone

Dark Neon

Impossible G


Dawned on Me

Box Full Of Letters

In the Street

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Wilco has a long-standing policy against the videotaping of their shows, and out of respect for this policy, the posting of such videos on Via Chicago is not allowed.

This also applies to solo Jeff Tweedy shows.

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